Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A street of two worlds

I live on a street named after a popular city in northern Nigeria, its located in the capital town of FCT, Abuja.
I always took the right turn to get to the bus-stop to enable me pick the ride to work. this morning it was different. I saw angry men in their frowning face and they wont reply my greetings, the few that responded mumbled words i would get to hear.
Today, I go to work sad and scared. Sad because I don't know the unknown or what changed and scared because I do not know what their reaction to this change would be.
I find solace when I take the left turn, because the men on that side of the street always smile and call out to greet me. I get more greetings when am in my ceremonial NYSC uniform. I seldom take the left turn because its about 30 meters longer, but I will not mind the extra walk to feel safer. I will pass the longer left route as from tomorrow