Friday, March 11, 2016

Life without a dad

Life without a father is hard some folks will say it can be hard, but I tell you from experience it is hard.

Life without a father is hard some friends will tell you of the new that and new this their father got for them, thats okay and sweet. I would not be too sad if it were just gifts they got, but there is more they have that man that will always be there for them come rain come shine. They don't have to stress too hard, they still get pocket money even at 25, wow that is awesome! They call daddy to tell him of the new bloke in the block, they giggle at each others joke. They have someone who has their back when mama says otherwise, how delightful?

You tell your dad you need to change your hair and basinga he is to the rescue. You tell your dad you want the latest samsung phone and thats it, you have it by dinner. You have that man that sits on the King's seat during meals on the dining table.  You are always going to be his little girl and on your big day he walks you down the aisle. Oh what joy it is to have a father!

You have your daddy, I don't have mine. I lost my dad before I even had him. I wish my daddy was here. I will stay up to make dinner for him, I will tell him every tiny detail about my day. I will also tell him how boys get so naughty this days and seldom respect a lady. I will tell him everything and anything. I will ask for his love over and over again and love him endlessly too. I wish he just stayed a little longer just a little longer. Daddy passed when I was 8. I have lived without his calls, messages, love and life for almost 13 years. If I had my daddy, things will completely different.

I have lost the feeling of having a dad. What does it feel like? How does it feel like? I never said this out loud until now I want a daddy can I get one? All I want is a daddy.

Note from Teame.


  1. No one can ever understand that feeling except they wear the shoe. God help us the fatherless

  2. No one can ever understand that feeling except they wear the shoe. God help us the fatherless

  3. Amen. You know exactly how I feel and what I speak. Thank you dear.

  4. I think the biggest heartache of all times is losing a dad especially when you really need him the most, it's a vacuum that can never be filled, it's like going to war without a back up plan, buh we are rest assured that there is a father up in the heavens who really cares for us..tho we miss the physical dad, we should have hope..

  5. I may not understand the feeling, and this may sound somehow too. It's not easy losing any loved one, but you're of a privileged class a long time ago. You're among the selected few whose Dad is the Almighty. You don't need to make a phone call or send a text to reach him, you don't even need to get home to see him. He's with you any and everywhere. His love letters has always been with you even before you were born.
    And if you look back in the years, you can only but attribute your success and achievements to the warmth of His love. Indeed you've always had Him as your pillar of strength, He has always whispered into your ears to go on cause He is with you.
    Yes, you do miss the physical dad, but you've had a Dad who is constantly with you.

    1. Thank you so much for this reminder and assurance of a father whose ever there for me. Thank you.