Friday, April 1, 2016

Learning to say 'No', has sure being one of the hardest things most of us have done.
Saying 'no' to a friend could end that relationship.
Saying 'no' to a sibling could require some explanation and maybe some sort of tip 😉.
Saying 'no' to a parent could crumble some bricks here and there.
Saying 'no' to a child could mean little or no arm whatsoever.

Saying 'no' to people has been essential from the very beginning of man. What if Eve said 'no' to the serpent or better still Adam said 'no' to Eve, just what if?

We always find ourselves caught inbetween saying no and saying yes. We always tend to say yes so as not to hurt the person we are conversing with or break a relationship, but have you realized most if not all of the Yes you said when you actually intended to say No have put you in the situation you are in now.

People will ask questions and require details as to why you have said no, thats okay if they are worth the explanation why not and if they are not please hop on to the next Yaba bus and listen to Don Meon in your track list.

It's so easy to be caught up with the buzz and fuzz of life that you lose track of what you really want to do and how you really want to do what you want to. It's your life own it and be accountable for everything and anything you do. Don't be caught up in the web instead catch the web. On this note I will leave with two interesting pictures I saw online this week, one is a screenshot though.

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