Friday, April 15, 2016

Double barrel joy

Today was my Passing Out Parade and that automatically means I have served my country and that officially means I can work in any government or private establishment I choose to work in.

Well my joy came in barrels today usually it comes in gallons but today's was different. Calls, texts, bbm, whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, a truck load of hugs, hand shakes and of course I could not help but scream loudly in Joy and thanksgiving to my Maker and Keeper God Almighty. I was so happy, I am so Happy and I will always be happy. Some will call it luck, some favor, some grace and others will call it blessings for me I will say it has been God all the way.

My joy doubled up when I opened my Facebook wait for it I saw this bros  aka Uncle that has been asking me when I am coming to Lagos or randomly buzzes to know if am in Lagos. He kept asking like he had a truck load of exotic fabric for me. (By the way that's the only way to a fashion designer's heart incase you didn't know). Uncle would always disturb me to know what's up with me and all, and about Valentine's he buzzed again I told him where I was which was a christan gathering of old couples and singles who wanted to learn. He then asked again when I was coming to Lagos, I then told Uncle I will be in Lagos for Easter. That was it ooo then Uncle buzzed on Holy Thursday asking when I will arrive Lagos. Can you imagine? I told him am not coming again and that was it. Lo and behold my facebook wall has it that that uncle got married and apparently he did not meet Aunty yesterday or last week or even the Easter week. The week he remembered to buzz me and his usual pattern is to say how much he likes me and blah blah blah.

So my question is this, why do men do this, do what you might thinking. Why would a man about to be married talk to another lady like he is single and wants to mingle? And occasionally even say they want to be married by a certain date or time of the year so she thinks she is the one or what biko? Guys that's like the oldest trick in the book. Please up your game if you want to play.

That been said. I am so Happy for Uncle and Aunty and much more happier for myself. Thank God I didn't even visit him when I was in Lagos because the time, energy and money I would have spent was used on 8 extra yards of colorful chiffon fabric which will be sewn into 4 office blouses.

I am a good person in the end because I called him to wish him a good marriage life which I did mean and even teased while I asked "why didn't you invite me?"

Better days are yet to come.
Collage of my POP and a drained me with my certificate.

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