Friday, April 8, 2016

My journey with English Language

My journey with the English Language began early in life, with family and friends. My mother always spoke to me in English maybe because she loves literature and topped the class in her school days. She always corrected my English assignments.
The journey continued in junior secondary school but this time I was all alone, my mum was far, she was not there to cross my t’s and dot my i’s. I hated those long annoying essays that will never make an article or worse still those boring debates we practiced for every afternoon. My English teacher made me hate the subject because she scolded me always plus I never submitted my assignments on time and that sure had a way of reducing my overall grade in school.
I narrowly passed my Junior School Certificate Examination; I must have had a D in English Language from what I remember. Literature was better because it had all the thrill and chills I needed, from the drama to prose and to my best poetry. I loved all the books I needed to read and I finished all of it even before the end of term in preparation for exams. I must have had an A in literature.
The journey has been rough I must tell, just yesterday at NYSC camp a friend shouted at me for calling fanta drink mineral he was like “it is called soft drink not mineral, you are graduate Rotimi”. I was like okay soft drink but trust me I went back to check if it was right or wrong and alas it was correct the Irish call soft drink ‘mineral’ I couldn’t help but send a screen-shot of my dictionary to him and I told him how angry I was after I found out I was right.

I am still in the journey. Please share your journey with me. I will love to read interesting things.

Thank you for always checking this space.

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