Friday, May 20, 2016

Success Recipe: Godfidence(3)

Godfidence is a word that's fast taking over our world. Maybe someday soon it will get into the Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary but for now let me define it.
Godfidence is coined from God and confidence.
God is the creator of heaven and earth, God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, He is all encompassing, Father to the fatherless and defender of the widow. I could go on and on with the definitions, named and accolades I have for God.
Confidence on the other hand is defined as being very sure of something and it's used positively, it's an expression of certainty and the quality of trusting.

Godfidence can therefore be defined as being very sure of something because God is involved. Godfidence can also be described as an expression of assurance of anything according to God's word. It is a major ingredient in the success recipe actually the most important one, because persistence will fuel and push you for a while but not forever, focus will drive you on, but Godfidence gives you the assurance you need. What's more important than the assurance of success, as the ingredients bubble in that cooking pot and the aroma of success fills the air.

Let's say you have never cooked your favorite soup before, you Google and find some recipes online and even saw videos on YouTube after watching and doing carefully what the YouTube chef does. Your salivating cos the aroma of the soup you have made fills the air but not just that, you then eat it and it even tastes better than the one you have always paid for at the restaurants.

The assurance (Godfidence here) of a soup well made is the awesome aroma that fills the air, even more fulfilling than this is the awesome taste of the soup. In life our assurance in God is actually all we need to be successful, but without a focus and persistence the success equation would not be correct. So the success recipe or equation is this: Persistence + Focus + Godfidence = Success.

I pray to see you at the top. ☺😊

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  1. Fantastically awesome, what you've written. Thanks an ocean for this. God bless you