Friday, May 6, 2016

Success Recipe: Persistence (1)

Persistence, consistence, determination, passion, drive, zeal and a lot more are synonymous in nature. We often use these words interchangeably which is okay based on the context it's been used. ‎

I will be writing on persistence today. Different people have different understanding of this word,  gladly my dictionary gives me this definition that I like a lot with relatable examples.‎
Persistence: the property of being persistent.
Example 1: You've got to admire his persistence. He's asked her out every day for a month even though she keeps turning him down.‎
Example 2: The little girl has a persistence in her request of a doll from her father
Example 3: Nigerians without no doubt have a strong persistence that the country will change in all ramfication for good

I will then relate persistence to my lifestyle. I've got to thank God for the persistence I have in updating my blog weekly even when the number of viewers aren't up to a million yet. That's on the lighter note.

Persistence is an attribute everyone and anyone who desires to be successful will have to possess. Sometimes our plans that are neatly drafted and crafted might give us a very damning and discouraging result which will dampen our motivation. To continue that which we already started we need persistence. Its times like this that persistence is required. Persistence is the fuel that keeps us moving when we are tired, worn out and frail. Persistence is very essential in everything and anything we find ourselves doing.
Persistence is one of the key ingredients in the success recipe and remember persistence is you encouraging yourself, when no one else would encourage you.

I will write on Focus next week by God's grace. Focus is another key ingredient in the Success recipe.‎


  1. Awesome!!!!.... I like this. You just made me see reasons again why I have to keep going. Thanks an ocean, God bless you immensely

  2. Awwwww, Glad I could help you see reasons why you have to keep going. I am so honored. Amen. God bless you too.