Friday, June 10, 2016


Love from the heart of the one I Love, I tweaked it though but today's blogpost is his original piece.
"I love love itself, so I guess I understand love to some extent.
Love gives no notice, it just happens.
Love can't be threatened, it isn't scared.
Love is stronger than fear, it is sacrificial.
Love can't be transferred, it never fails or work in error.
Love always hits it's target, it changes everything.
Love intimidates the unloved, it makes people think you're not of this world.
Love makes everyone happy, it teaches and tutors.
Love helps and enlightens everyone, it always sends a message, informs and influences.
Love is patient, it sees you at all times.
Love feeds your body, soul and spirit.
Love can trigger envy, but it's never envious.
Love is never ignorant, it can sometimes look insane.
Love takes care of its own, it is always entertaining.
Love can be translated as anything, it can be misunderstood sometimes.
Love sometimes come with a loud scream, just to add beauty.
Love is always truthful, it sticks to its course.
Love is not suicidal, but can be sacrificial.
Love is always available when needed, it isn't jealous.
Love is always courteous, it makes dream beautiful.
Love compliments, it heals everything.
Love concurs to its loved one, they always sync.

Oh! Love takes care of itself, it presents itself worthy at all times.
Love always take the loved one safe to their destination.
Love takes people away to allow them experience it.
Love is always shown, it is practical.
Love cannot be exhausted, it is never finishes.
Love never doubts its instincts, it teaches the needful and useful.
Love teaches how to love, it makes everything beautiful.
Love makes the heart leaps, it never leaves even when it is rejected.
Love reciprocates kindness,goodness and wellness at all times.
Love never misses its way, it unveils itself in newness at all times.
Love is always cares for, it thinks about the well being of its loved one.
Love knows when to offer what it has, it is selfless.
Love smiles when it is called upon.
Love is in the village and in the city, on the mountain and in the valley, love is everywhere.
Love never copies, it displays its beautiful and original content.
Love can be called anything, but it knows its true name.
Love adds beauty, it doesn't make one get ugly.
Love doesn't hurt the other, either physically or otherwise.
Love shares what is within it, it doesn't share human beings.
Love is never concluded, it's like the deep blue sea.
Love is always with everyone, it's inbuilt in every living being.
Love never withholds, it is playful
Love is abused, but it admonishes.
Love is always real, but might be misunderstood sometimes for real.
Love never says what it doesn't mean, love is true.
Love is not a fight, but it's worth fighting for.
Love doesn't love once, love always loves.
Love gives breathe and life to those in need.
Love doesn't need to prove a point to people, it is all the point needed by the loved one.
Love doesn't oppress people, love uplifts people.
Love doesn't cost a thing, but appreciates the thought. involved when spent on
Love is universal, it has no tribe or race.
Love doesn't go against anyone but goes for the loved one.
Love is openness, it holds no secret.
Love brings to reality all the imaginations that became a dream, dreams and imaginations are synonymous.
They come to reality when love expose them."


  1. Nice,very cool write up. Exposing love to the world. Bravo!!!

  2. Wow.... I love it.... Love is not a fight But it's something worth fighting for. .

  3. Kudos to u my sweetie. Keep it up, the Lord is ur strength.

  4. Kudos to u my sweetie. Keep it up, the Lord is ur strength.