Friday, July 1, 2016


Talent is quite unclear as a term; people understand talent differently, some folks believe it is God given, others believe it is heritable while a few think it is self-developed. For all of these facts and assumptions which might be wrong or right - the bottom line is, what we do with our talent.

In many instances we discover our talent, sometimes we are told. Consequently, unmasking how different we are from others. We know (occasionally we are told) of our sonorous voice, electric dance skill, dramatic act, articulate writing, sumptuous cooking and much more. While grasping and appreciating our differences, we realize that we stand out in all facet of our lives, we do these things with passion and zeal. From doing what we love to loving what we do, we wont work a day of our lives. Doing these things daily, brings inner peace and fulfillment. We never want to stop or quit. You are your talent and your talent is you.

Find your talent, use it and stand out. Add your uniqueness to it, don’t be like the rest, be the best.Other people may have your talent but they don’t have your twist and never will.

Talents are God given gifts to individuals.

PS: Thank you for visiting my blog, it means a lot to me. May God help you discover your talent if you have not found it In Jesus Name. Amen. I also pray you find your twist if you have not found it already in Jesus Name Amen.

PS: I will be writing on ideas next Thursday, watch this space *hugs&kisses*

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