Friday, July 22, 2016

The silent scream

I decided to share my colleagues write up on fear, his perception is quite different.

Have you ever felt fear in its rawest form?
The kind that paralyses and erodes any semblance of strength
Fear prompted by the foreseeable future and the possible play out of events
The fear gendered by mistakes made and consequences to be faced

There is a kind of fear that works against hope
Not the immediate fear of a happening
But one that paints a horrid and gloomy picture
A future nearly devoid of sunlight but filled with storm clouds all around

That is the nature of the fear that grips my heart
Each waking hour brings trepidation as my heart rate ranks any avian
Even as I attempt drowning in my daily tasks
A single pause sends a massive jolt raising my heart and blood pressure

Pulse rising, hands shaking, pupils dilating
I look for a semblance of peace, some mirage of calm
For at such moments the slightest hue of light
Is as welcome as a drop of liquor in the vast Sahara

I remind myself that there is more to me
One mistake is not enough to rue my course
A path divinely ordered and eternally decided
Much more than circumstances in life can define

Even at that, I feel no relief
No dose of positivity or self-assurance calms the breath
Rather, like an icy bath on a cold December night
An unearthly chill trickles down my spine releasing a voiceless scream of pure terror

Author: Daniel A. OYEKANMI

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