Friday, July 15, 2016


Fear as a dwarf can make the giant quake
Fear yet weak, can make the strong run
Fear yet tiny, can make the mighty powerless
Fear yet slow, can make the fast halt

It moves likes the speed of light when spoken
It pierces like sewing needle on a soft fabric
It lacerates like an open slash on the skin
It aims like the snipers bullet

When spoken it goes beyond the ears
When spoken it shrugs the feet
When spoken it triggers imagination
When spoken it pops false reality

There is a word that is Ferocious
There is a word that is Malicious
There is a word that is Dangerous
Fear is that word

What will make you lose your confidence?
What will make you feel less human?
What will make you still in the dark?
Fear will…

Photo credit: Google
Original poem: Chibuzor Ikechebelu
Edited by: Rotimi Akingbehin