Friday, July 8, 2016


Ideas come to different individuals at different times and places. It doesn't matter how, when or even where it comes, what matters the most is having an idea. The greatest of ideas has not come to the man who goes to find it, rather it has come to that man who takes deliberate steps to make his world better.

Idea: A conception in the mind of something to be done; a plan for doing something, an intention. [from 17th c.]

Ever wondered how you think of something, and you picture it so well. Then in your bid to get everything right and ready, so that it comes out perfect, someone else will just showcase your idea. You thought you were the only one that had the idea.
You see ideas are not man-generated rather they are God-given. God gives the same idea to different people because the job has to be done. So if you are slow, which you are always, the other idea carrier executes it. So my point is this; you have an idea doesn't mean another person doesn't have the same idea. The sooner you act and run with your idea the better.

I pray we all get divine ideas from God and have the grace and will power to execute it.  Amen.

PS: Ideas could be from God, which is good. It could also be flesh inspired which is errrrmmm okay... or even from satan which is definitely terrible.

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