Saturday, August 27, 2016

15 rules for growth

These 15 rules of Growth are my collection of growth hacks from people, places and events. It has guided me at different stages of life's journey, I hope one, if not all guides you as you grow too.

1. Intentional : Growth is not by chance it's intentional.

2. Awareness: Who are you? Who do want to be? Discover yourself, you must be aware of yourself

3. Mirror: you must first see value in yourself.

4. Reflection: Learn to stop at a point and examine yourself if you are doing well.

5. Consistency: Motivation gets you going, consistency gets you growing.
"Whatever you have learnt to do, do it well"

6. Environment: Do you have a conducive atmosphere. If you don't create one, if you have make it better.

7. Design: Do you have a strategy and layout of what you want to achieve. Remember you have do what stands out.

8. Pain: The law of pain, no pain no gain. Great things start from small unpleasurable beginnings.

9. Habits: Your character determines the outcome of whatever you do.
You have to give up bad habits to grow up

10. Creativity: Are you creative? Create the unknown out of the known.

11. Mentor: Have a good and Godly role model you take cues and clues from. The law of modeling or mentoring

12. Expansion: the law of expansion. Growth always expand you.

13. Purpose: It has to come from within. What drives you?

14. Optimism: You have to be positive about the future. Think about the best outcomes always.

15. Target: What do you want to achieve? You should aim for a better future.

16. SuperPower: Where do you get your energy from? What is the source of your power? Every great person I know has always depended on a power greater than theirs.
I get mine from God Almighty. He is my All in All.

I want you to grow so great that you are remembered positively 300 years from today.

PS: I have been super busy this past week. That's why I am posting today and for that reason am sharing a second post that is personal. This is the link to read the personal story

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