Friday, August 5, 2016


Oh what joy it is to have friends,
From different tribes we speak one language,
From different backgrounds we eat same food,
From different places we unite as one.

I love my friends and my friends love me,
Though we fight we do not split,
Though we are different we love each other,
Through it all we come out finer and stronger.

You are my friend and I am your friend.
You scold me when am wrong and I will do the same,
I cover my face in shame to rise in Glory when you correct me,
With you I have learnt no breaking out but making it out and making it work.

I never might have said it but I love everything about you,
I love Amarachi
I love Muslee.
I love Oke,
I love Adaora,
I love Augustina,
I love Wale,
I love Yetunde,
I love Onyeka,
I love Ijeoma, 
I love Shola,
I love Uche,
I love Kemi,
I love Dolapo,
I love Chiamaka,
I love Ebun,
I love Kenechi,
I love Morenee,
I love Teslim,
I love Micheal,
I love you
I love all my friends

Friendship will be incomplete without you my darling friend, yes I mean you reading this.


  1. This is nice. You're a good person Rotimi. keep doing your thing -Michael

  2. Same here dear. Always a wonderful friend and loving sister

  3. Aww, thanks Rotimi. You know the feeling is mutual. - Rotimi