Monday, August 29, 2016

He did not draw me

I visited Silverbird Entertainment Centre Abuja sometime last year, I was so bored I could not wait for company. I go to the cinemas alone to cool off and have what I call “self-fun”. Well long story short, there was this guy who was supposed to be an artist by the restaurant just beside the ticket stand, he indeed has his marketing skills game going well for him because he convinced me to sit and get drawn.
At the end of the day when I took this sketch home, my mother said she did not have a daughter that looked like the person that  had been drawn. My brother said "this does not look like you sister Roti". My boss said "this is definitely not you"
What are your thoughts about this 'sketch' of me by the 'Artist'?

The underlying story is for you and I, it doesn't matter what the world draws of you. You are you, you are beautiful. You have your distinctive qualities. You don't need an artist to draw you because he won't draw you perfectly. All you need is you to draw out the beauty in you, the passion, the intellect, and the thousand and one things that dwell within you. The artist will only try to draw you, but you will have to draw the inner you and only you can see that. Your best drawing is going to be done by you. Only you can see what you really want to portray to the world. I pray God blesses and guides you as you begin to draw yourself the way you want to be seen, read and understood by the world.
You are your best artist remember that even if you forget anything else from this post.