Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I am called the Preacher's kid

Yeah I am a Preacher's kid (PK), I was called that in my undergraduate days, most of my classmates and friends called me a Preacher's kid. They will say I was very polite, jovial, sincere, helpful, decent and I loved church. Those attributes definitely made me a Preacher's kid. I always smiled and hoped the discussion ended there, which did most times.

Back then I was struggling with certain bad habits which made me somewhat unworthy of the name I was called. And no one saw that I will presume. They rather saw the beauty in my ashes.

Well that phase of "living not so right" passed and I was right on track as I should. That didn't change the preachers kid tag. When I started work, a senior colleague asked if my mum was a teacher? I smiled and said "yes, she's a teacher in church". He said "exactly", thats why I behave the way I do and say the things I say. I was stunned because this brought the good memories of being called a preacher's kid back.

I am really wondering what makes me different from my peers and makes me stand out.

Everyone compliments me for being beautiful, smart and responsible, the latter never eluded the compliment. I get praised for decent dressing. I sometimes get called 'Mary'. I will think that's good, ohh wait! I am not thinking, I know it's good. ‎

I am called a preachers kid, that sure gladdens my heart. I am curious to know what you are called. What do people call you?‎

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