Saturday, September 24, 2016

Information is actually useless

Yes I wrote that right and you sure read it. Is it not true? Is information in itself not useless?‎
A comedy was about to play on your screen, and you skip it to read an article that seemed right. After reading, you realize you just lost time and a good laugh because there was no value for the information you acquired from the article. ‎

Again I ask, isn't information useless? Especially in these era of social media and technology craze where one has different bits of information flying in one's face.
This is a problem I call "information burden". This occurs when one has excess information and has no use for them. Even if one does, one becomes confused on what to do with what. Thus no use for the information one has or just obtained. That is no use of information and that is why it is useless.‎

I may be countered here because of the popular quote which is "information is power" and blah blah. I ask, show me the power you have with all the information you have. Not to say I don't read articles or posts, I sure do but I filter it, the title already gives a hint to what you are about reading. If it is not going to be an add why waste time on it? This problem of reading everything that comes our way is likened to doing many trades. "Jack of all trade, master of none". For information it will be "Reader of all, leader of none".‎

PS: Information is not useless if acted upon and used for the benefit of one or all.

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