Friday, November 11, 2016

22 things about me

November 11 = 11 + 11 = 22

God is my keeper and all, Iwant to acknowledge Him for everything.

I will be 22 Tomorrow, November 11, 2016 and I thought to share 22 facts about me.

1 - I believe there is God, I have seen Him evident in my life.

2 -  I believe in love, purity, chastity and chivalry.

3 - I love God, my family, my friends and my colleagues.

4 - I could be sensitive but this is relative though.

5 - I am not covetous, never been and never will.

6 - I hate injustice, dishonesty and immorality

7 - I have a beautiful smile, you already know that.

8 - I hate arguments because it makes me shudder.

9 - I do not have a best friend but I have found the best in all of my friends.

10 - I dislike high heeled shoes but thank God for wedges they save the day.

11 - My favourite drink is water.

12 - I am unassuming, cordial and respectful

13 - I love eating maybe too much, now you know why my colleagues don't invite me for lunch *puppy eyes*

14 - I love academics, I might be a lecturer soon if it is God's will.

15 - I am told I have a good heart and yes I do.

16 - I am shy at first but super cool once you become a paddy.

17 - My mum still scolds when I am wrong and my brother is my realest paddy.

18 - I once took a picture with a locked bicycle in Amsterdam, Netherlands so I look like a cool kid cycling on Facebook. *SMH*

19 - I can neither swim nor drive (but I take the best swimming pool selfies and I will beat you hands down at a karting race)

20 - I have read only 10% of my library.

21 - I am multitasking and multifaceted.

22 - I took a cigarate puff once with my Hungarian friend. (I ran to get water but couldn't wait to climb the stairs so I swallowed snow flakes from the floor thank God it was winter after then I never tried experimenting)

I must have missed out some things so please drop your comments about me.

Thank you.


  1. Another fact about you: you're my darling ����

    1. Awww, this is adorable. Yes I am. Thanks Nma love.

  2. Ahahahah....caught u @cigarettes puff. Some adventures/ experiments could be risky garl. Nice know u more....happy birthday 😊

    1. Lol, I am just seeing this. Thank you dear. I know right.