Saturday, December 10, 2016

It's all in your head

*Dusting cobwebs*

I know it has been a while I posted on here, my sincere apologies to my avid and visiting readers, I got caught up with work and school. I am so sorry.

So lets go to the day's post, it is going to be short and precise.

So I have heard people say they cant do this or that because they are afraid of what Mr A or Ms B would say to them.
I have also seen someone not wear a beautiful outfit that suits the occasion, because they wore it once and had posted a picture of it online.

Just to say a few of the many ridiculous things people do because they think they are been watched by someone who is probably busy getting their life together or something.

I doubt anyone really cares if you have pictures of yourself in that outfit prior to now, or someone sits to talk about you all day. No dear, people have things going for them. people are busy impacting their world. Everyone is running on a race called Life.

So stop abhorring those thoughts because it's all in your head and it should not bother you, even if they did. 

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