Monday, January 30, 2017

Don't dwell in sin

Please do not dwell in sin, no matter what benefits it offers. Doing this might cost you a relationship, friendship, scholarship, internship or whatever kind of 'ship'.

Nothing is worth you going to hell for. Please take a 180-degree turn and face God squarely, there is nothing you lose to sin God won't give you much more for if only you believe and work right with God today.

There are countless times we lose sight of what we ought to do when we fall, we become confused, we want to continue living right with God, but then sin drags you closer to itself and entices you with its vanity.

You will feel less committed to the things of God, you feel lost, you are sad but you don't want to go back to doing right. The devil tells "you are not righteous and you will not be welcomed to God's kingdom", he will show you the many things that glitter on the ungodly path you have started on.

Please, dear sister and brother, don't let the fear of losing out stop you from turning back and continuing on the christian race.

Stand up and walk back to God, remember Jesus didn't come for the righteous, He came for the ungodly, who have fallen. It is better you rise and walk with God today than regret burning in hell for eternity because of the fear of what people will say. It is a personal race, not a general race.

I beg you please repent and work right with God, it can never be late if you are still alive, please repent, it doesn't matter what your sin is, doesn't matter what you did last month, last week, yesterday, 3 hours ago or two minutes back, I have come to tell you "God loves you still and he doesn't want you to dwell in sin".

Please pray for God to forgive you and truly He will. He will wash you clean and through. 

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