Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Set the rules

So I hear people say "you can't set the rules" but hey that is the mistake most people make, they confuse rules for regulations.

There is a thin line between rules and regulation the dictionary might not give you, but you will find it in Timi's diary which is rules are self-defined while regulations are organization-defined or government-set.

So you set the rules for yourself and obey the set regulations. That been said, do not let the world set rules for you on relationships, ethics, dining, walking, fashion and every other facet of your life. That is why it is your life, live it and live it truly.

These are a few examples of rules you might have heard overtime...
Relationships: The world will say you have to have sex with your significant order to proof that you love them,
Ethics: They say no one has moral standards anymore so just do as you wish.
Dining: They say you have to use the fork and knife /I am comfortable with my hand while tearing that chicken wing joor/
Walking: They say you have to take the right foot first
Fashion: They say you lack class if you choose not to wear heels.
...and the list is endless

So my point is this, let God be the anchor of your life, don't row on the boat paddled by the world and live by the rules the world has set.

PS: Ask God for directions daily because with God the rules come afresh but will never contradict the word of GOD.

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