Friday, June 30, 2017


It starts from your perception it's almost never seen because you can't tell it from your actions at the early stages.

You would always hide under the facade of smiles, make up or social media hype. You know you are burdened, you know you are weak and frail but never will you accept that. You can't share that pain with anyone, you sometimes can't even tell what it is but you know you are being drained by a more powerful negative energy. That energy is depression.
It happens to the best of us. Nobody is totally immune. Once you feel some form of negativity please and please seek help. Don't shy away, don't hide it, because it won't hide you. Depression makes the strongest man as jelly. Talk to people regularly, don't hide from the world, don't be a lone ranger.  We are humans, we are relational beings. God made us so, you can't change that. Association is necessary for achieving success in life as well as combating that demon called depression.

P.S. This was my response to a friend who asked me what depression is to me.

I will appreciate more practical definitions please.

Thank you.

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