Friday, June 23, 2017

Make new wins

Don't let old wins keep you from making new wins, I mean of what value is it that you finished University at 19 with a first class if that's all you have in your name and you are 22 now. Make new strides, do new things, win new stuff, get more degrees.

So many folks I know, myself inclusive glow in our old wins. We boast about it for too long ignoring the new wins we have for grabs. Opportunities pass us daily but we are so soaked in our old wins we ignore the juicy and saucy offers we have laid at our door step.

Find new challenges daily, tackle them, let your wins be continual then that is success. Don't baske in your one time old glory and think the lights will always be on you.

The earth rotates daily so is the world moving. Don't be a guy or girl with only old wins. Every year/month/day do something phenomenal. Be phenomenal let everything you do be phenomenal. Never stop learning, never stop getting certificates. Get as much as you can, build your C.V.
Don't stay in that 9-5 job year in year out getting only promotions. Go out and make it big, make a name for yourself. Do something with your life. Above all leave a legacy for the unborn generation.

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