Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Water we drink hourly, 
Water we bath with daily,
Water we wash with weekly,
Water we have in us always. 

Water we kill,
Water we kill, 
Water we kill,
Water we kill.

Water dies when you use CFC spray,
Water dies when we leave it running while we brush,
Water dies when you flare that gas, 
Water dies when you pee and poop in it (rivers).

Water should not die in your hands, 
Water should not die in your lifetime, 
Water should be passed to the next generation, 
Water should be clean, healthy and free. 

Water is life, make it live. 
Water is life, use it well. 
Water is life, keep it clean 
Water is life, help it last 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Not a block

Due to busy schedules of the main contributor of this blog, we have not posted weekly as planned. We did not have 'the writer's block' but we have carefully drafted awesome contents for your reading pleasure. 

The blog is also going to be upgrading its content type from the usual motivational, personal and story-telling to career development 

Would share stories and hacks from what we know, what we will learn and what you know. It is going to be a community talk so We will feature guest bloggers on here as often as we can.

We hope to get more interactions from you as well. 

Thank you so much for always reading and sharing your thoughts on how we can improve our content and delivery. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Ever thought someone somewhere thinks of you in some way, making this affect your mood or your attitude.

Do you act weirdly to someone because you think they said it did something to you.


There are many things I learned growing up, from family and friends but one thing I must have learned myself is to never envy anyone like I just can't do it.

Early in life  I learned to pray for what I wanted and growing up I realized I should work in addition to my prayers as the holy book says in James 2:14 "Faith without work is dead" I know it helped me a lot, rather than envy I always complimented what I liked in a person. This made me happy and made them even happier I compliment and congratulate people on attributes and successes respectively.

I always thought it was stupid and probably evil to envy someone. I mean why would you envy your schoolmates because of what they have attained or are attaining, you don't know what and how they are doing it or the sleepless nights they are having, I mean you just don't know. What you know is, you have to buckle up and do your thing so rather than generate so much negative energy by envying, you should channel that energy to working hard being positive and living thankfully. A valid point would be you don't know who their parents are or the opportunities they have or whatever it is. Your path ain't their path, never forget this, therefore walk in your path truthfully. 

Or that colleague at work who gets raises and promotions, every appraisal period; do you know how hard they work or how many asses they kiss or how many emails they send asking and begging for undue appraisal. Sweetheart please take a chill pill and work truly hard when it's your time to get a raise you would maybe even out of that office. I mean who knows.

Don't you dare envy those married folks, they are praying as hard as they are working for their relationship to succeed, which it will by God's Grace. If you are ready for sacrifices, sharing, giving and going all the nine, then at the cost you are ready to get married. I will tell you again and again don't rush into it because sis B and bro Z are always posting awesome pictures on the gram, or because of the way Mr. K carries his wife's bag on Sunday morning. There are more things the pictures do not tell, more things the lovely videos do not reveal. They are praying harder than that public affection you see displayed. Marriage is sometimes sacrificing, loving, praying, communicating, leading, supporting and a lot more in between. So don't be too quick to envy them if you ain't ready to go all the way. 

On career advancement, don't be envious and angry that all your classmates have a masters degree and you don't, just hold on for it dear, you would get accepted to the best school there is, you will live that dream just don't get envious it ruins you psychologically and physiologically even deeper within.

Ohh! That boss that talks as though the heavens lies on his shoulder, don't hate or wish you were them, you are better than that. Let them ride in their high horse, work hard so you be a better boss to your subordinates than they are to you now in the near future. Be the boss everyone wants to work with, the awesome boss who criticizes in private and praises in public, be the boss other bosses wish they could be. Now that sounds like they might be envious of you, but you get my point *be the awesome boss*.

Writing this reminds me of a post I saw online sometime this week it read as this 'envy is the last class before witchcraftor something like that. It seemed more like a joke than a quote but when I reread it and let it sink I realized those words were not far from the truth. Have you seen what envy can do or has done? It has destroyed homes, it is terrible. Envy creeps in slowly from the moment mum/dad/aunt/uncle begins to compare and assume their child should be better than a niece or nephew or the child down the road. Have you seen how bad envy has destroyed friendships and families? That was more than a post to laugh about it was deep and the message sank even deeper.

Remember this if you forget anything else here 'Be the boss, friend, colleague, wife, husband, sister, brother, cousin, mother, father that you dreamed you had, be the one to be emulated not envied, be the dream person you always looked up, be the sum of the great mentors you have'.

When the thought of comparison that eventually leads to envy is about to set in, look back and thank God, just look back at all He has done and be grateful for all He has done. It could be hard but it's worth it. It helps you reflect and see how much God has done in the past this way you are grateful and it makes you realize that if He did it before He will surely do it again.

This bible verses can help, it helped me and it still helps me.

1.  Prov 14:30. A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones

2.  Prov 27:4. Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy/envy?
3.  Phil 2:3. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourself 
4.  Psalm 37: 1. Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong; 2. For like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. 3. Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
5.  James 3: 14. But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. 15. Such "wisdom" does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. 16. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice

Have a beautiful Friday and an awesome weekend. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Offense and Offering do not go hand in hand even though they both start out with "Offe" in their spelling.

You should not give or take offense, even when people annoy you intentionally even if it seems right to scream or act out, please let it go. Just ask yourself is it really worth ruining that relationship for? 

I know it is hard but I have learned to keep quiet in times like this, most times it's not worth the fight. Some people call it silent treatment but the bible says it is better to keep quiet than to talk when angry, it also says it is better to be quiet than talk and remove all doubts of being a fool, this is paraphrased though, but you get me. 

Photo Credit: Pexels

We sometimes annoy people too, tell me you have never annoyed someone. I advise that as much as you can and as often as you can cut off any annoying traits you have *this speaks to me too*.

It is better to build bridges than burn them out. somehow we all need each other, let's not be quick to throw blames and pick offenses. Let us take caution when speaking and acting i.e in our speech and actions let not give offense to people.

Have a great Tuesday, stay safe, I pray God protects us all from the fiery darts of the evil and may we not give or take offense today and forevermore. 


Saturday, March 17, 2018

My YALI Experience

My YALI RLC Story.

Rotimi's official YALI passport
I had applied to the Regional Leadership Centre (RLC) twice before now and I have also applied to the Mandela Washington Fellowship of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI). I was certain I was done applying after my second RLC application because I made it to the interview but I didn't get past that. I was tired of writing applications sending it out to friends and colleagues to proofread and what have you.

I kept seeing the application for this cohort I got into but I  didn't want to apply. Then one beautiful day Adaeze, my sweet friend from secondary school sent me the application, I still ignored it.

Well let's say after a few days, I reluctantly applied again. This time I made the interviews again but not just that I got in like I made it to the grand finale.

Many thanks to my sweet friend Samirah, she guided me greatly during the interview.

Chidinma, Rotimi and Esther at the opening ceremony
From L-R
Well after I got in, I took part in an intensive two weeks online training and testing, before joining other 128 Africans from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote D'Ivoire, the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Nigeria. My first day was quite hectic from packing and unpacking and getting accustomed to the weather in Topo, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.

By the second day, a few participants knew my name and it was fun pronouncing other people's names and trying to learn a line or two from their native language. It was so great interacting and networking, putting faces to the names from the online platform and the WhatsApp group.

The third day was on Monday which was for proper work and we had the honour of meeting Mr Kappo A.K.A Action Man, he made us crack up as much as he made us do our work. He came in with a stern look and left smiling like we were too.

The fourth, fifth, sixth and up until the twenty-first day went by so fast. The days went by so fast I can assure you that we wished it was the first day, I sometimes thought I was in space.

Rotimi doing her thing
I met incredible, talented, determined, courageous, charismatic, empathetic, go-getters to name a few from all works of life, from different states, regions, countries of West Africa. It was amazing how everyone left their differences and embraced a common goal to become an African leader. The sentiments were all gone, there was no fight over Nigerian Jollof or Ghanaian Jollof even though the Gambians say they own Jollof. It was very peaceful and a great bonding experience for us all.

Sharing my fun experience from RLC would not be enough so I would share my learning experience briefly.  One of the profound things I have in my head right now is the importance of unity, to never give up and never assume anyone is useless. I have also learnt not to react to situations rather I should act, these were some lessons from some video clips we watched on the first workday

Dr Uwem Akangsom taught us on Leadership and Accountability and it was awesome as you would have guessed the take away from his lesson are countless but I will drop these few, no leader can do it all alone, leverage on each others strength, there's strength in numbers. As a leader, you must teach, coach and should never feel frustrated because your followers don't have the skills you have. Update yourself on academics or whatever it is as knowledge and skills learned become obsolete after 5 years so never stop learning. Learn as much as you can, you never know when that knowledge will come in handy. Never stroll onto the big stage always prepare for it, because it will surely come.
Ajebo photobombed us, Elliot

We had another course on Ethical Leadership by Dr Haruna Abdul, the highlights were
1. In leadership, morality is magnified
2. If you know it is not ethical then don't do it.
3. Leaders have a set of core values they publicly commit to and live by always.
4. Leaders are role models in terms of both words and actions
5. Ethical leaders have respect for and serve others, they are just, honest and help build the community.

For the Business and Entrepreneurship track, the one I signed up for, we had two amazing lecturers Dr Pascal Brenya and Dr Olayiwola Oladapo. They ensured we knew the why, how and what of our businesses. This helped us as a team and as individuals to know what we were offering, how we were doing what we were doing and most importantly why we were in business. We realized what stage of entrepreneurship development process we were. Things we should do before we launched our product, the assessments to be done and so much more. It was awesome I must say. I liked the interlude during classes to play games to test our focus and sometimes we danced. I will do Business and Entrepreneurship track again with these instructors if I could.

We had groups for our poster presentation which was focused on issues and solutions affecting Africa, then we were grouped in teams for our tracks for presentation/pitching, we also had another team for simulation this was based on unemployment in the countries represented, I was a Cameroonian for a day or two.

With my bestie, Adenike
It was awesome how I had different group members across the board like I was not in the same group with the someone else, different group/team meant a different face. My business and entrepreneurship track came third for the pitching.

After all is said and done I Oluwarotimi have decided to make my life better, to make Nigeria better, to make Africa better and eventually make the world a better place.

Now the onus is on you what would you do better henceforth.

Rotimi and Flora from Togo
Rotimi and Abdul from Burkina Faso

Cherlene and Rotimi
Ekene, Ifeankandu and Rotimi

Valere from Cote D'Ivoire and Rotimi

Epeti from Cameroon and Rotimi
(I tied her gele, and mine as well)

On my way to class one of those days

Ekene (President YALI RLC Nigeria Cohort 4) & Rotimi

Chidinma et Rotimi

Rotimi repping Nigeria

Some members of Business and Entrepreneurship track

Gbenga from Nigeria, Dority from Liberia, Blaise from Burkina Faso
 and Rotimi from Nigeria
 (Group 9 members) Poster Presentation
From L-R

ICT Issues in Africa, (group 9) poster presentation

Peace Itimi and Rotimi

Funke and Rotimi

Funmi and Rotimi

Rotimi and Chika

Victor, Rotimi, Chidinma and Chigozie
From L-R

Rotimi and Joy

Valentine, Rotimi and Chigozie
From L-R

Fatou (I tied her gele) and Rotimi

Jennifer, Rotimi and Emmanuela
From L-R

Lovelyn, Deyemi, Esther, Emmanuel, Ejike, Rotimi and Mary
From L-R

Michael, Ejike, Cecilia, Rotimi

Rotimi at the Badagry Slave Museum
Patience, Kumba, Rotimi and Funmi at the entrance of
the first storey building in Nigeria

Rotimi, Patience and Chinenye at the Bible room in
the first storey Building in Nigeria
Rotimi and Kent at the entrance of the
first Storey building in Nigeria
Rotimi on a horse, Abigail from Ghana at
the background.

Tosin, Bukola, Rotimi, Elliot, Emmanuel
From L-R and F-B

Rotimi et Chika

Monique et Dr Pascal et Rotimi at Songhai farms

Rotimi from Nigeria, Marie from Cote D'Ivoire, Epeti from Cameroon,
 Miguel from Nigeria and Isatu from the Gambia
Group 5, Business and Entrepreneurship track team members

Ayo and Rotimi

Rotimi in her Cameroonian Toghu outfit and
Dumebi in his Burkina Faso outfit.

Abigail, Odunayo and Rotimi,
the ladies are wearing the traditional
Cameroonian Toghu outfit.

Rotimi et Chinenye
Abuja vs Lagos

Geraldine from Liberia repping the Gambia,
Rotimi from Nigeria repping Cameroon and
Jocinta from Liberia repping Nigeria

Angeline from Liberia, Rotimi and Chinenye from Nigeria

Patience, Rotimi and Matthew striking a pose with
 men from the Nigeria Military

Francia, Nonso, Dumebi and Rotimi, my wingmen

Ahmed, Rotimi, Chika and Ayo at the closing ceremony
From L-R
With my sweetheart and smallie Busayo.

Elizabeth, Tosin, Ahmed, Rotimi and Ayo
From L-R

We photo-bombed the photo session of the Ghana team

Rita, Tosin, Rotimi and Funmi at the closing
From L-R