Friday, January 19, 2018

Something Light

N.B: This not the lyrics to Falz song. Yeah, that title got you, I knew it would and am glad it did. Please read to the end.

I want to share some tips from my personal life to help you stay happy and live lightly without any baggage (something light)

- I am always positive and optimistic about my situation.
- I write my goals and work on it daily, as hard as I can.
- I am not striving to be better than I was yesterday, I have to be better it's not arguable.
- I don't worry too much about things at least not anymore.
- I don't take things to heart, I just let things slide sometimes.
- I never compare my self to anyone (our paths differ).
- I compliment myself and give credit to myself when I do well.
- I also scold myself when I do something wrong.
- I speak positively a lot and lastly
- I never stop learning new things.

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