Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The nutty coco

The husk so rough made of coir,
The husk sometimes used to wash dishes,
The husk others use to make fire,
Some children use it as toys,
While a few use it to stuff the homemade mattress.

The shell mostly used by artisans,
The shell used for artwork,
The shell sometimes used for charcoal replacement,
The shell also used to create long-lasting handicrafts

Oh the flesh so edible can be eaten raw, boiled, roasted or fried,
The flesh makes milk for food,
The flesh makes oil for cooking and cosmetics,
The flesh makes oil for medicine
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The water so fresh contains vitamin B, ascorbic acid, and protein,
The water, a great source of energy when exhausted,
The water treatment for sunstroke and stomach ache.

The leaves are used to weave hats, mats, and  baskets,
The leaves vein are used to make brooms,
The leaves are used to make traditional toys,
The leaves are also used to make skewers for barbecues.

The trunk can be used to support houses in form of pillars,
The trunk can be used to make the plank used to make house boards and partitions.

The roots hold so much medicinal properties,
The roots often used to treat heartburn,
The roots sometimes used to treat eczema,

So much awesomeness put together in one fruit, 
It's nothing other than the great COCONUT it's amazingly not a nut its a drupe.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The sweet sour fruit

It was a beautiful evening at the beginning of the harmattan season, the cold air from the sea was settling in calmly while the stars adorned the sky above. I had only stopped by the grocery store after church to get some snacks. At the exit of the store sat a lovely tray of well arranged and layered Agbalumo(s), it's sometimes called Udala, or the African star apple.

This natural beauty looked like mini pyramids of some sort, I only said hello to their custodian, I had no intention whatsoever to buy fruits that evening but you know the "fruitie" (you know like foodie but with fruits) in me decided to buy agbalumo, some oranges and a few apples. 

I couldn't wait to try those little orange colored fruit, they looked so sumptuous and juicy. Man, I must have salivated a couple times before getting home. I washed my hands in a rush and rinsed my little buddies. Yang I pulled out the stalk from it to savor the juice within but ouch my mouth sore from its unpleasant sour taste. 

Photo Credit: Myself

I was sad the fruit was sour but I was not discouraged to try the next one on my plate because this is life and I will go all out and have high expectations about my next friend like I will with the second agbalumo I had that evening and gladly it was as tasty as it looked, so if you read this story up until now, I just want to tell you to be hopeful and live life again holding nothing back, your next agbalumo might be your best, so buy it and try it.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Eba at work.

It was a bright and sunny Tuesday afternoon, I had analyzed some data inputted from the day before, I was happy with the task I had completed so far but the girl in me was hungry and didn't care.

I had only pulled out my lunch bowl and tossed the great 'eba' into a plate and served my almighty vegetable soup by its side. I just started devouring my fierce lunch when one uncle walked up to me after smiling in amusement for about 42 seconds.
Picture credit: Google

He said "I have never seen anyone eat 'eba' at work" I am like that makes me the first, while I courteously swallowed the third morsel. Uncle further said "Now I can bring 'eba' to work". I quickly said yes and went back to my meal of  'eba'. He stirred for another 31 seconds or so before taking his leave.

Well, this was a good day with 'eba' it was not so the first time I had it outside my house, I must have been in primary 2 (grade 2) or so.  My mom is a caterer and would serve you the meal on her menu. That day my lunch was eba, I was angry, to say the least I felt low that my friends would make fun of me, did they? Ohh yes sure they did, I had brought out my lunch that day so timidly and only deeped my plastic spoon in shallowly to take a small morsel from my 'eba' bowl then touched the soup slightly. I was scared to take it to my mouth. I later closed the food bowl and stayed hungry that day. I told my mum when I got  home to never give me 'eba' or any kind of 'swallow' to school. Did she stop? Not at all. My eba eating skills improved over time and I think I am pro now.

If I was in primary school today would I take eba to school? Ohh YES and I'd eat it with confidence.