Sunday, February 4, 2018

Eba at work.

It was a bright and sunny Tuesday afternoon, I had analyzed some data inputted from the day before, I was happy with the task I had completed so far but the girl in me was hungry and didn't care.

I had only pulled out my lunch bowl and tossed the great 'eba' into a plate and served my almighty vegetable soup by its side. I just started devouring my fierce lunch when one uncle walked up to me after smiling in amusement for about 42 seconds.
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He said "I have never seen anyone eat 'eba' at work" I am like that makes me the first, while I courteously swallowed the third morsel. Uncle further said "Now I can bring 'eba' to work". I quickly said yes and went back to my meal of  'eba'. He stirred for another 31 seconds or so before taking his leave.

Well, this was a good day with 'eba' it was not so the first time I had it outside my house, I must have been in primary 2 (grade 2) or so.  My mom is a caterer and would serve you the meal on her menu. That day my lunch was eba, I was angry, to say the least I felt low that my friends would make fun of me, did they? Ohh yes sure they did, I had brought out my lunch that day so timidly and only deeped my plastic spoon in shallowly to take a small morsel from my 'eba' bowl then touched the soup slightly. I was scared to take it to my mouth. I later closed the food bowl and stayed hungry that day. I told my mum when I got  home to never give me 'eba' or any kind of 'swallow' to school. Did she stop? Not at all. My eba eating skills improved over time and I think I am pro now.

If I was in primary school today would I take eba to school? Ohh YES and I'd eat it with confidence.

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