Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The nutty coco

The husk so rough made of coir,
The husk sometimes used to wash dishes,
The husk others use to make fire,
Some children use it as toys,
While a few use it to stuff the homemade mattress.

The shell mostly used by artisans,
The shell used for artwork,
The shell sometimes used for charcoal replacement,
The shell also used to create long-lasting handicrafts

Oh the flesh so edible can be eaten raw, boiled, roasted or fried,
The flesh makes milk for food,
The flesh makes oil for cooking and cosmetics,
The flesh makes oil for medicine
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The water so fresh contains vitamin B, ascorbic acid, and protein,
The water, a great source of energy when exhausted,
The water treatment for sunstroke and stomach ache.

The leaves are used to weave hats, mats, and  baskets,
The leaves vein are used to make brooms,
The leaves are used to make traditional toys,
The leaves are also used to make skewers for barbecues.

The trunk can be used to support houses in form of pillars,
The trunk can be used to make the plank used to make house boards and partitions.

The roots hold so much medicinal properties,
The roots often used to treat heartburn,
The roots sometimes used to treat eczema,

So much awesomeness put together in one fruit, 
It's nothing other than the great COCONUT it's amazingly not a nut its a drupe.

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