Sunday, February 11, 2018

The sweet sour fruit

It was a beautiful evening at the beginning of the harmattan season, the cold air from the sea was settling in calmly while the stars adorned the sky above. I had only stopped by the grocery store after church to get some snacks. At the exit of the store sat a lovely tray of well arranged and layered Agbalumo(s), it's sometimes called Udala, or the African star apple.

This natural beauty looked like mini pyramids of some sort, I only said hello to their custodian, I had no intention whatsoever to buy fruits that evening but you know the "fruitie" (you know like foodie but with fruits) in me decided to buy agbalumo, some oranges and a few apples. 

I couldn't wait to try those little orange colored fruit, they looked so sumptuous and juicy. Man, I must have salivated a couple times before getting home. I washed my hands in a rush and rinsed my little buddies. Yang I pulled out the stalk from it to savor the juice within but ouch my mouth sore from its unpleasant sour taste. 

Photo Credit: Myself

I was sad the fruit was sour but I was not discouraged to try the next one on my plate because this is life and I will go all out and have high expectations about my next friend like I will with the second agbalumo I had that evening and gladly it was as tasty as it looked, so if you read this story up until now, I just want to tell you to be hopeful and live life again holding nothing back, your next agbalumo might be your best, so buy it and try it.

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