Thursday, August 8, 2019

So many times in our lives we have been told "NO" to requests we thought we would get a "YES" to, it's okay to get a negative response to requests and sometimes it comes from people we were certain would give a positive response.

It is even more intriguing and maybe annoying when you do not get a "NO" to your face, however, you are ignored or blocked if the request was made online. I have had my shares of bold "NOs" and cowardly "blocks". It is never about you and it has everything to do with them. Sometimes those requests are not what you need granted right now or it could also be that associating with those people will only hamper your growth and that is not good for us, right?

For every "No" you have gotten recently, try to take a step back and ask if you really needed that to be "YES" right now most often than not, you would find out the negative response doesn't affect other areas of your life and there are opportunities, people and requests to turn to. These other people and things would have a good effect if not better than what we did not get.

I am writing this for myself and you.

Loads of love.