Monday, October 14, 2019

Growing differently

I recently planted 4 seeds in some pot and I have watered them daily and kept them under the sun but not directly under it yeah.

Every day I water these plants with an equal amount of water, they are seated next to each other so they obviously get equal amount of love from the sun, okay I mean light.

However, this morning I realized two were about the same height, one was out above the others and the fourth one was almost not visible, it was just there. It got me thinking and made me realize that we are each different and so our growth is also. Though planted on the same day, watered equally, kept under the sun for love and light. These plants will not grow at the same rate because they are different. I have planted kale, bok Choi, radish and basil. How can I expect them to grow at the same rate?

Well, not so for us, we expect things to happen to every one of us at the same time and season forgetting we are different in our composition. We are so different, we have different education, family, exposure, social class and a lot more other things make us different. Why then do you want to grow at the same pace as your neighbour? Your growth is you dependent.

You are unique, you are different, enjoy what you have that they don't as they enjoy what they have that you don't.

I made a video on YouTube.

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