Monday, October 28, 2019


Humans are prone to worry like we are not sorry. Okay, that was a bad intro and a terrible rap line.

A few weeks back, some friends and family had a few things to say about worry and the way it affects our wellbeing. The effect is obviously not a positive one, and it is important we stay clear of worry as it has no good thing to add to us. It is easy to dribble into that state of thinking endlessly of things that could happen and things that would happen if something was done differently.

Hey, stop that! Please stop stressing and thinking of the future you do not control. We usually worry about the future but have you realized that for everything you worried so much about your worried thoughts really did not change anything and you only channelled so much energy on what you shouldn't.

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A particular lesson from that time out discussing worry was what a sister said, which is "my worry in January is not my worry today". Then it hit me the more we worry the more there is to worry about.

Why not stop worrying and begin to cast all your fears on God? He is more than able to help us with our burdens and worries. If you thought so much (worry) about X today, if X eventually happens rather than be grateful we jump on to Z to be worried about. We become ingrates of some sort as we are living each day worrying on what we really do not have control of. So rather than wallow in worry, I will plead with you to glow in gratitude.

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