Thursday, January 30, 2020

Cooking my first meal.

The first meal I made was not noodles or toast bread like most folks my age, it was dodo "fried plantain". No, I did not plan to do that.  It happened that my mum got a call and she needed to be there as soon as possible. So I got called to the kitchen to monitor the plantain she had put in hot oil. I was a bit short to see what was sizzling in the pan, so I stood on an apoti "a wooden stool usually used in most kitchens in southwestern Nigeria".

It was beautiful watching the yellow plantains turn into golden brown and having to turn it onto the other side to let it fry. Before my mum left the house she showed me how to take out the plantains, turn off the cooker and she left trusting I will do all that she showed me.

So that was it, I had officially made my first meal and it was dodo. I have since learnt to cook other meals after that time but dodo still stays on the list of my favourite food.

Tell me, what was the first meal you cooked? Did it burn? Did you overcook it? Was it perfect? Did you add too much pepper? or salt? Common share with me, I'd love to hear your first food tales.

Thank you, have a beautiful day.

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