Thursday, January 23, 2020

I fought for my food

If you read my previous post you would be confused as to why a girl who can give up her lunch would fight over food. I am as surprised as you are, but this happened.

I was two or three years old, I definitely cannot remember any part of the story but my mum, aunt and cousins told me it happened so it did happen. We were served dinner, it was swallow and soup and you know how in most Nigerian homes, the older folks sit on the sofa and the kids would be seated on the floor in the sitting room. That is the setting we had in my grandmother's home where this event happened. My grandmother was eating and my cousin and I sat somewhere on the carpet at some corner eating aswell.

All of a sudden my cousin picked my meat (must have been beef) and my grandmother called out to my mother who was in the kitchen to come to see her kids but, in that split second before my mother arrived I served justice.


Young Timi dipped her fingers in the soup and aimed straight for her cousin's eyes, my cousin could not continue the trip from my plate to her mouth and so the meat fell from her hand the instance my hand reached her eyes. How sad is that, but Timi picked her meat ignoring the scream of pain from her cousin. 

Sincerely, I do not have any memory of this. Well, not like anyone can remember what they did when they were two, however, I still feel embarrassed and bad every time I hear this story from my folks. I am sorry, cousin. I was fighting for what was mine, my meat.

It is silly that while fighting for some piece of meat I almost got someone's eyes injured, and so is it in the real world we fight for little things and ignore the greater things.

I hope you learn a thing or two from this story. Sometimes you have to let the meat go to keep the eye.

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