Friday, February 21, 2020

Delayed gratification

As a child, I often kept my chocolate bar, cookie or snack till later. I would bring it out like a treasured jewel when others had finished theirs and long-forgotten they were candies given. It always felt like a treasure of some sort when I brought mine out, I would usually do this in grand style and I will begin to nimble it slowly with panache, I am sure all that did spite the fast, non-patient eaters. I know this is more like self-delayed gratification but from these childhood experience I realized how much it meant to save now and enjoy later,

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I did practise this with my secondary school served meals as well as I did not like certain foods, however, I had to eat then during agro period (A week or two to visiting days when you out of provisions) and I always used the meat on my meal as a gratification to be enjoyed later after my meal. The meat was usually fried fish or beef. I would eat this last and nimble on it slowly so the juices slowly burst into my mouth. Back then I used the meat as a reward for eating the not so delicious and appetizing meals we got served. Over the years I have used this method in real-life cases like studying so hard, being diligent at work and what have you. 

I know it is never easy to work for so long and not get some sort of reward or recognition, but eventually, this things come and when it does, it just feels right you would be feeling like a young child eating a chocolate cookie when others had finished theirs. You will be glad you waited as you will be greatly rewarded. 

 "Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Delayed gratification could also be when you work hard in school or at work and the result you get is not immediate but it eventually comes in good grades or promotion and recognition. Sometimes you would have forgotten you worked so hard for the rewards you are getting. Those beautiful and bountiful rewards eventually come and you will be glad you did not hurry or take short cuts. 

I will like to leave with this eventually your cookie is going to be yours it's been handed to you by the creator. It might not be in your reach now but it definitely not out of your reach. 

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