Thursday, February 6, 2020

Walk the talk with your AP

I have been caught in conversations where people are sharing their goals, dreams, plans and what have you and many times I am also prompted to share my two cents. 

Sometimes I get too carried away at that moment and I say things I ought not to like plans I have not prayed about or figured how it would be executed. It is all beautiful to talk and dream of what those things could be like when achieved yeah? However, the real work is getting on your feet and putting your acts together to get that desired results, even more, surpassing your initial goal. I love to challenge myself by talking so that someone can pick something I have said and call me to action if I am flopping or dragging my foot rather putting my best foot forward. 

The amazing thing, about having such conversations with people who care and desire growth for you, is that they will hold you accountable to things you said you were working on or will work on, sometimes they could help you if you are stuck. I have been blessed with awesome folks who take it to heart to check on my success and my growth. It is because of such calls, messages and reminders from these special humans, that I continually strive to be better and walk the talk. 

Do you have people in your life who hold you accountable? Do you know people who strive to be better and ensure you are not left behind? These folks are a little bit more than friends, I'll love to call them accountability peers (AP), who hold me to my word and ensure to check on my progress as I reciprocate.

They are divine and amazing and in doing so they are not comparing or creating an envious avenue that makes you uncomfortable in whatsoever way. They are growing as you are growing, moreover, they are doing it with sincerity and pureness of heart. They are not paid to do so but they do, they are doing and will still do, right?

I love my APs and I am glad I have them in my life if you do have them, please cherish them and If you don't have them please get them. You can also try to be an AP to someone and before you know it you will have a good number of APs yourself.

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