Thursday, March 5, 2020

Grateful for the good things in my life

The first good thing I am grateful for is Family: The relationship I have with my family is very special.

Often they are the people who know me in ways no one else does, and I am able to share things with them that I should not share with other people.

The second good thing I am grateful for is my Husband: Almost all adults seek to be in a close or intimate relationship with another adult. We

Two people in a relationship can seek pleasure from being physically and socially intimate. People in a relationship can depend on each other and share thought and feelings together

Thirdly I am grateful for my friends: Unlike my family members, I do not have a biologically established link to my friends. I can make friends with whomever I choose, and that is important. My friends and I support and care for one another and look after each other's needs. I can share activities with my friends.

In addition, I am grateful for a home: It is my place of safety and I control what happens in it. I have my privacy and I can be with my loved ones 

Furthermore, I am grateful for work: it is fulfilling, it makes me productive and also helps me to contribute to society. Importantly, work gives me money which I can use to pay my bills, save, invest and control my life to an extent.

Community is a good thing for me and grateful that I can live my life and use resources from my community and also contribute to it. 

Lastly, I am grateful for Faith, I have been able to develop personal and social companionship while growing spiritually. 

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