Thursday, March 19, 2020

Today's world

Today 19th March 2020 is the first day of Spring in the Northern half of the world and the first day of Autumn in Australia, that is today is the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox in northern and southern hemisphere respectively. That is for geography while in the world today the cause for alarm is the Coronavirus, I understand that we are all bracing up, running to the shops to get groceries and toiletries. We are also getting fruits from the local farmers' market all in a bid to beat whatever the outcome of this virus is. As much as we are preparing physically I hope we are also preparing spiritually and getting our hearts prepared. I pray that we will all come out of this alive, stronger, more humane, more caring, understanding and tolerable of each other. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

As much as we would like the pandemic to be far away it's closer than we think. For once I have checked that doubt in me that we are far away and disconnected as a people as I like to claim that I am a lone-ranger, in fact, I am not. We are closely knitted together than we think and connected than we can imagine. With this pandemic and the rate of infection from one person to another, I have come to the realization that we ought to show more love, give much more, live freely and always strive to leave this earth better than we found it. I hope this makes us think about how we are connected and not otherwise. 

You just never know where and how far your grocery has been and travelled from, who is handling what you are buying from the grocery store, or who packed your toiletries or who washed your apples and pears in the fruit section.

The world is smaller than we think and this should be a lesson to us all for good, to treat people better, love endlessly, give generously and take care of ourselves as we are not doing it for ourselves but for our world.

Loads of love from me to you, do not forget to keep good hygiene now and always.

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