Sunday, December 27, 2020

One book a day.

Whenever someone tells me they finished a book in one day, I will usually talk under my breath about it being a few paged book or they had nothing much to do that day hence the reason they finished that quick as I will spend a week on a book averagely.

 Well sometimes the low voice Timi was wrong as some of them have busy daily schedules, and still finish 200 paged books and above. I admired them, I truly did and didn’t think I could, talk less of accomplishing such feat during the holiday. Then I did, it was on Christmas Day 2020 through to Boxing Day in less than 24 hours with a busy schedule, I finished “Never Grow Up” by Jackie Chan, a 333 page book. 

I did it, autobiographies have always been my favourites, this was no exception I learnt about having values to be successful, staying persistent, being a go getter, improving skills, going back to the drawing board, redoing things until they are right, practising several times, working with teams, knowing what you want and having breaks for family, friends and yourself.

Jackie knew the kind of movies he wanted to act in and initially he didn’t get that, he acted in what he got and eventually a breakthrough came. That’s an important lesson; while learning, improving and getting knowledge is important having something doing is better than being idle, his break might have never come if he didn’t start out on those other acting jobs he didn’t really like. I could relate that to someone doing a job they really do not like, stay on it while you search for a better opportunity, so long it doesn’t affect your well-being, if it does please don’t stay. 

It was an interesting read which highlighted different stages of his career and personal life. 

*searching through my library for my next read*