Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My teacher ate my lunch

Okay, not in a greedy or manipulative way. She actually helped me.

When I was younger up until a few years ago now I hate seeing onions in my food. Unlike my mama, she loves to see it as much as she loves to eat it. I try to eat onions when it is blended or raw and thinly sliced with Nigerian suya, you'll get this if you are like me. If my onions are not in suya or blended into the food. You will see me pick out the onions or set it aside on my plate.

Photo source: BBC 

Let's go to the main gist, I was 4 or so in nursery school and I will always pick out the onions from my food bowl. I got home most days tired in the afternoon forgetting the separation techniques I had performed in school but my mum's scream and whip will help me remember in a flash.
This happened always, somedays I was asked to eat the already cold onions. Ohhhh I hated onions so much more eating the picked out cold ones.

On one fateful day in class, my teacher saw me crying as the onion portion in my plates had miraculously doubled so it was even harder to perform my well-known technique.

With a heart(stomach) full of love(hunger) she offered to help me eat my food. I knew what this meant if I had no capri-sonne which I mostly never had. I wouldn't have anything for lunch but at this point, I had to make a choice of either eating cold onions which sometimes had a good portion of the food after being whipped or having an empty clear plate with nothing to eat and no whipping after school. I choose the latter and as they say, the rest is history.

My mum is a caterer, and am sure my teacher must have had a good serve of La Miam food but I didn't care my well-prepared lunch was going for nothing. I was happy she helped me with my food as my mum would see an empty plate and be glad I ate all of my food and the onion.

Thank you, teacher, wherever you are. I don't know how I survived my 2 to 3 years in that school without lunch on days when I had onion-filled food. God must have pumped my stomach up by some sort of miracle.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Blurry pictures

I recently started taking pictures of beautiful flowers, trees and structures around town, however when I am walking briskly, or in a moving vehicle, my camera can't focus on the trees, the pictures I capture end up being blurry.

I initially deleted the blurry pictures from my phone but over time I have left them as they equally have their abstract beauty.

It didn't take long to learn a lesson or two from the blurry pictures on my phone, sometimes the current snapshot of our lives looks blurry and doesn't have that obvious beauty we seek, but over time we will appreciate the blurriness and the abstractness of those pictures of our life as they make us grateful for the clear high definition pictures we are used to. A blurry picture could be anything in your life that is far from perfect, we all have them and we hope they go away and get better and clearer but while they are there rather than delete them like they don't exist let us stop to improve them like take a pause when walking, hop from the bus or wait for the bus to stop so we get a clearer picture.

A blurry picture of a beautiful tree doesn't mean the tree is ugly or unsteady it only means the picture was not well captured so are those moments in our lives, our beauty doesn't disappear because of one blurry image. Do not let a particular picture of you, define who you are, you are much more than that picture, I mean that situation, job or whatever it is will get clear. You will excel and a better photograph will be taken at another time and then you will understand why that blurry picture was part of the gallery. A blurry picture is a phase it sure will pass too.

Happy new year, stay focused and capture beautiful pictures.
Love and light.

A beautiful blurry picture
When the Jacaranda trees sprouted colourfully and I paused to capture it.

A clear picture of Cape Byron bay light house
A blurry picture of the light house

Sunday, October 27, 2019


Humans are prone to worry like we are not sorry. Okay, that was a bad intro and a terrible rap line.

A few weeks back, some friends and family had a few things to say about worry and the way it affects our wellbeing. The effect is obviously not a positive one, and it is important we stay clear of worry as it has no good thing to add to us. It is easy to dribble into that state of thinking endlessly of things that could happen and things that would happen if something was done differently.

Hey, stop that! Please stop stressing and thinking of the future you do not control. We usually worry about the future but have you realized that for everything you worried so much about your worried thoughts really did not change anything and you only channelled so much energy on what you shouldn't.

Photo Credit: Pexel

A particular lesson from that time out discussing worry was what a sister said, which is "my worry in January is not my worry today". Then it hit me the more we worry the more there is to worry about.

Why not stop worrying and begin to cast all your fears on God? He is more than able to help us with our burdens and worries. If you thought so much (worry) about X today, if X eventually happens rather than be grateful we jump on to Z to be worried about. We become ingrates of some sort as we are living each day worrying on what we really do not have control of. So rather than wallow in worry, I will plead with you to glow in gratitude.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Growing differently

I recently planted 4 seeds in some pot and I have watered them daily and kept them under the sun but not directly under it yeah.

Every day I water these plants with an equal amount of water, they are seated next to each other so they obviously get equal amount of love from the sun, okay I mean light.

However, this morning I realized two were about the same height, one was out above the others and the fourth one was almost not visible, it was just there. It got me thinking and made me realize that we are each different and so our growth is also. Though planted on the same day, watered equally, kept under the sun for love and light. These plants will not grow at the same rate because they are different. I have planted kale, bok Choi, radish and basil. How can I expect them to grow at the same rate?

Well, not so for us, we expect things to happen to every one of us at the same time and season forgetting we are different in our composition. We are so different, we have different education, family, exposure, social class and a lot more other things make us different. Why then do you want to grow at the same pace as your neighbour? Your growth is you dependent.

You are unique, you are different, enjoy what you have that they don't as they enjoy what they have that you don't.

I made a video on YouTube.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

God's plan.

Do you ever want to do something that's obviously your plan, your desire and you don't want any interruption whatsoever from an outside force.

Well this was me 15 years ago, I had written my National Common Entrance Examination. This is the qualifying exam to secondary school in Nigeria. When the results were released.

My mum and I began our plan, it was to get me into the secondary school behind the house we lived at that time. I had enrolled in the primary school few months earlier to sit for the qualifying exam. So we thought it will be easy to get admitted to the Secondary school. We recieved a Big NO from the Vice Principal Admin, he said I was not posted there and will affect the quota system and all, but I could check another state secondary school in some suburb.

We picked our bags and dashed off to the other school. On getting there, we were asked to check the list for my name. My mum perused the list and I can remember seeing her frown while she grumbled that the students on the list had average scores and she was certain I was going to be a local champion if I got enrolled there. If only she knew she was mumbling those words a little louder than my ear's reach, that it caught some gentle man's attention. He greeted my mum and asked her what school I had selected while I sat for the exam. My mum with glee responded, Federal Government Girl's College Bwari, Federal Government Girl's College Akure and two other schools I obviously can't remember.

Well well, after that, the man told her to go to National Examination Council (NECO)'s office, she asked for the address and there we went that day. On getting to the office in Zone 4, Wuse, Abuja. My mum was asked to seat while I stood, We were waiting for the paper, which was also the exam result that had my fate... it was a long 5 minutes, like the longest I have stood. The man behind the table flipped the papers so fast it was almost getting finished and my name had not been seen, I couldn't hold it anymore, hot steaming tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably. My mum asked why I was crying like she didn't know and I responded. My name is not there. The man quickly responded that it was, like magic he asked for my name again which my mum and I said in a chorus. He said here it is and you can imagine I was smiling from ear to ear with tears still on my big round cheeks.

... that was how I went to my first secondary school choice on merit which was also God's plan for me. 

Many a times we sway from east to west, north to south missing God's plan that is at the centre. We have the urge to go our own way but it is nothing like the original plan of God for us. I pray we have the strength to turn to God's will for our lives. Amen.

Prov.3. [5] Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean notunto thine own understanding. [6] In allthy ways acknowledge him, and heshall direct thy paths

Thursday, January 17, 2019

God's mercy

Mercy has been the topic for the past week in my church.

It has been an awesome time learning this topic again. It's being taught like never known.

I will share some points from the lessons and scriptures as well. 

  • God's mercy brings deliverance.
  • God's mercy erases our mess.
  • God's mercy make a us messenger
  • God's mercy delivers from danger, disaster and imminent trouble
  • God's mercy is forbearance, it's compassion it's grace and love.
  • God's mercy turns misery to mystery. 
Scriptures : 1Chr 12:18, 1 Kings 3:6, 1 Chr 2:14, 9- 10 Matthew 6:31 2 Peter 1:3, Romans 14:21. Like 18:39, Numbers 14:19, Phil 2:25 - 27, 2 Chronicles 20:20 - 21, Luke 1: 50, Jonah 1:2, 3:1 - 6, Psalm 51 : 1

Monday, November 5, 2018


Water we drink hourly, 
Water we bath with daily,
Water we wash with weekly,
Water we have in us always. 

Water we kill,
Water we kill, 
Water we kill,
Water we kill.

Water dies when you use CFC spray,
Water dies when we leave it running while we brush,
Water dies when you flare that gas, 
Water dies when you pee and poop in it (rivers).

Water should not die in your hands, 
Water should not die in your lifetime, 
Water should be passed to the next generation, 
Water should be clean, healthy and free. 

Water is life, make it live. 
Water is life, use it well. 
Water is life, keep it clean 
Water is life, help it last