Friday, May 16, 2014


What's Passion?
For me Passion is something. anything you do relentlessly, something you can do without getting tired something that makes you smile after a long hard day. My passion it is writing, what's yours? I would be writing on different topics and different subjects but all my write ups would be inspired and motivated by the Holy Spirit that's where I am connected to. I hope you get connected soon for you who is not, and for those who are connected I hope you stay head on to your source.

Yesterday, I met Omotola Jalade Ekeinde for the first time, she was invited to my school for our Second Career Forum and she gave an incredible, intriguing, interesting, motivating and captivating speech on Wisdom, Character and Self esteem just to mention a few. What I could denote from it all is that she had her connection to God, she did and always had. She said something on hit song that some musicians had their hit song early and that made them to the top why some others struggled with a hundred and one songs and still can never get popular, then it dawned on me. We all have that hit song of our careers. What ever it is you do there is something that should bring you to limelight, something you should be known for. something no one can do better than you, something you have the core competence and best practice of. There is a fire within burning and yearning to be seen and its smoke filling the whole air. You can not get the hit song if you are doing something you should not be doing.

What are you doing rightly? What can you do well? What would you do if you had 1 million dollars? What can you do 7 days a week? What can you do without much stress? What can you do for hours without getting tired? What can you do to add value to the society? If you can answer all this questions then I guess you are preparing yourself to start on the track of passion. It is a good race, do not relent atall;
start well, be determined and who knows what you would be tomorrow?

Do not wait to have all the money in the world before you start doing something you love. I love writing I started that since but today I took out time to inspire someone with my writing. I want to add value to my society, don't you want to add value too?  The time is now do not wait to be rich before you do something you love because what you love doing is what would make you rich! Start doing something you love today!!!

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