Monday, May 19, 2014

Relationship as Distractions

Relationships could be distractions when done wrongly, everyone should have three different types of relationship some have four though. The first and most important relationship is with the Creator, everyone is believed to have originated from God, you should have that relationship with him always, they should never be a time where you don't have that relationship, the second one is with our family that is also important and it should always be in constant check, the third is with our friends and the last with a non marriage partner.

A non marriage partner is sometimes called boyfriend or girlfriend. That is the relationship that comes as a distraction if not properly placed. There is time for everything under the sun. A young undergraduate student I presume should not have a non marriage partner or a high school student even worse an elementary school student.

In my opinion I feel this type of relationships should wait till when you are emotionally, psychologically, mentally and spiritually fit to handle them, it doesn't hurt to concentrate on your academics and wait. It makes you more ready for it because you would long for it and prepare better than rush into it at a very young age and kill the adventure that should have been waited for. A motivational speaker once asked how many boyfriends have you married?  Sounds funny I know but the truth is we only let this things get us distracted and we often lose focus on what we should be doing and get emotionally hurt.

And remember, God always loves you all and so do I.

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