Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A street of two worlds

I live on a street named after a popular city in northern Nigeria, its located in the capital town of FCT, Abuja.
I always took the right turn to get to the bus-stop to enable me pick the ride to work. this morning it was different. I saw angry men in their frowning face and they wont reply my greetings, the few that responded mumbled words i would get to hear.
Today, I go to work sad and scared. Sad because I don't know the unknown or what changed and scared because I do not know what their reaction to this change would be.
I find solace when I take the left turn, because the men on that side of the street always smile and call out to greet me. I get more greetings when am in my ceremonial NYSC uniform. I seldom take the left turn because its about 30 meters longer, but I will not mind the extra walk to feel safer. I will pass the longer left route as from tomorrow

Friday, July 24, 2015

Spoon in the pepper Jar

The spoon in the pepper jar can't be over emphasized, So yesterday morning I was running late for work and was preparing indomie (Nigerian's popular noddle), I just grabbed the pepper jar and turned it into the indomie (Nigerian's popular noddle) pot which seemed appropriate to do at that time until some forces pushed it further into the pot and half the pepper contents poured into the pot...

That was the beginning of my running stomach. I pray my stomach stabilizes soon.

Lesson Learnt: Always have your spoon to scoop out pepper from the jar. I repeat never turn the jar to get the contents out especially Nigeria devil's pepper

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Power what everyone wants, be it a child in a classroom, or an adult in an office, or a teenager in the baseball court. We all crave power insensibly, without really understanding what power entails, the many responsibilities a person holding power has to do. The ups and downs of handling power, the many critics and expectations you get, the people you have to report to on the use of power. We all want to be powerful!!! Don’t we?
Yes, power is every student's craving, I would want to be powerful academically, and socially, I want to be world known for my academic performance and creative ideas. I want to sit on the citadel of power and push buttons and see people work for me as subordinates and as co-workers. It doesn’t matter how long, I know I would get there by God’s special grace. Amen.
It just hurts when after we have craved for power for so long, and we finally get it we abuse it, we mismanage it and fail to plan properly for the use of power. We use power ineffectively. I feel I have abused power when I underestimate a person or talk ill of them because of my position over them, I want to be a powerful woman who doesn’t ride her subordinates but loves them tries her best to show them love, and treat them equally. It sounds impossible though because in my drive to treat everyone equally I might get no respect and may even lose my power.
I have attained some kind of power in my life due to my academic performance, somewhat it has made me stand out, and also my inborn marketing skills. I could market a dog’s pop. I would tell you the so many unnoticed attributes of it, I would convince you that the smell is awful but awesome, how it would be good to spread it on your green and the result is out of this world. I am so good at that, and also my fast typing skills have made me distinct where ever I go and the need for a good, fast typist is needed. It just shines so brightly and I am overly missed and wanted back when I leave because no one does the job as good as I would.
I have attained some sort of power also because of my rapport with people, be it familiar faces or not. I just don't know how to keep calm if I see something beautiful on a person I would start a conversation, I would start a topic of discussion and over time I have gathered some sort of popularity and respect for myself. Not so good though, because whenever things fail to happen as planned and the outcome is not good the news spread like wildfire and it just irritates me so much. With power comes respect, popularity, joy, and sometimes reproach, I know my good spirit has made me some friends which attracted power because ceaseless times people would say “Rotimi you have a good spirit” keep it up and all that, those words keep me going and it provides me with the strength I need when all falls and things fail me. I have discovered I have an agreeable-behaviour and I can work well with anyone and everyone so long we have headed the same direction and willing to get the same goal out of what brings us together.
I have developed this motive that I should always win in whatever project I embark on, if the least happens I know I tried at least. I always work with the mindset that I should not fail any project am working on be it a small quiz or a big graduate test, whatever it maybe I always want to win, it has helped me shield my mind towards positivity and success. Great things start from small beginnings and hence it’s very possible for me to start small and be discouraged but because I know where I see myself, the power I have imagined to possess it keeps me going and I won’t just stop for a second or be discouraged I am so determined for success that my dreams scare me. My dreams are just too big a dream to be thought of by anyone or even a group of individuals who brainstorm.

CONCLUSION: I have been given power and over time I become influential in any environment I find myself in, it could be an office, a classroom, a church or sports team. It just happens that I gain power subconsciously and I use it well and effective funny enough, I got those remarks from friends and loved ones that I am a good leader and am looked up to and am their mentor and this and that. Holding on to these I try so hard not to mess with the power I am being given or mismanage it and whenever I feel I have failed to use my power effectively and efficiently well I always take steps back and check my ways again on where I have gone wrong and where I should focus on that is having faults. In doing so I have been able to finish well and beautifully to the Glory of Lord I have attained listless leadership positions.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


God created each and every one of us with a specific plan in mind. He programmed and equipped us with certain powers and abilities to enable us to fulfil His plan for our individual lives. 

When we discover, pursue and actualize this divine plan, utilizing our innate powers, and abilities, we automatically position ourselves on the path of success.

The responsibility to position yourself on this path rests on you. God will not do it for you. Some people spend their lives out of God’s purpose because they refuse to utilize the gifts He has blessed them with. Your gifts will lie dormant until you stir them up, When you stir up and begin to put your gifts to use, you will set yourself on a supernatural course to fulfil your destiny in life.

Your gifts are an instrument of power, success creating agents. They will lift you to heights that nothing else can take you. God works through your gifts to lift, promote and bless you.
The gift of a man will make room for him and bring him before great men. Proverbs 18:16
Your innate ability or gift is what elevates, makes a way, creates a path and opens a door for you to succeed. You have a gift inside if you screaming for expression. To make a headway in life, you must ask yourself “What am I really good at, what will distinguish me and set me apart as special and unique in a lineup of my friends? What can I do best?”

Make a list of all the gifts, talents and abilities you possess. Narrow your area of strength down to at least one gift and concentrate all your energies on it. When you develop this gift, you will begin to make-extraordinary progress in life. This gift will take you to the top.