Sunday, January 4, 2015

Avoid Depreciation

Depreciation simply means reduction or decrease in value. A car that has been in use for four years, for instance, would certainly not have the same value as the one manufactured a month ago. Its soundness and monetary value would be less compared to the one-month-old car. Everything in life is expected to depreciate at some point except the Christian life. The moment you become a Christian, God expects you to continue in His Word, increase in His knowledge more and more and grow in His grace until you depart the world. He frowns at depreciation Psalm 78:57-59.
    The scripture refers to depreciation in the life of a Christian as backsliding, and as the word backsliding implies a sliding back it is a coasting downhill and not a jump off a cliff. That is, it's not instant or sudden, but a gradual process. It may begin with a general feeling of spiritual indifference Amos 6:1 such as skipping your Quite Time, or allowing your prayer life to be crowded out with other interests even innocent pastimes like reading and watching TV and later degenerate to compromising the truth of God's Word that you once firmly upheld.
   Depreciation or backsliding begins in the heart Proverbs 14:14. Often concealed in secret, it may remain hidden behind a facade of religiously. You may still be regular in Church services or even be active in church work, but your heart is filled with lust, jealousy, bitterness, and worldliness. If you don't take time out to examine yourself so that you can ascertain the state of your heart , it's just a matter of time before your spiritual condition eventually becomes evident externally (in cursing, lying, stealing, cheating, fighting, fornication, etc).
    So if you notice in you an apathy concerning spiritual matters, a decline in your devotion to God, or a compromise of the truth, cry to God for help immediately. Sincerely admit your backslidden condition before Him, plead for His forgiveness and revival, and then repent of your spiritual lethargy and compromise. After your repentance, maintain a consistent daily devotional life. Read and meditate on the Bible, and apply what you have read to your daily life and interaction with people.
     To emphasize what we said earlier, depreciation ultimately leads to decay; that is backsliding moves from little compromise of the truth to presumptions sin and consequently apostasy,  if you don't do a daily examination of your life. Daily self-examination helps you to know your standing before God, and to amend your life if you've depreciated or backslid.
Culled from Mirror.

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