Friday, January 2, 2015

Be productive, find yourself.

Productivity is a result of immeasurable effort put in your passion. Passion is derivative of your preferred likes or talents, we all have talents. Whatever you know how to do comfortably that gives you joy and makes you feel accomplished is your talent, cooking, dancing, singing, cleaning, washing, reading, watching movies. Your hobbies could be productive when you do them passionately. Improve on it, ask for God's grace and be diligent and you would see how productive you would become. Prov 22:29, if you are productive you would go places, you would stand before Kings, Presidents and influential men of valor you would dine with them and not mere men. You would be honored and people would want to reckon with you. I tell you there is something in you no one has because the secret of success is to know something nobody else knows. You have a special and unique attribute, find it and use it to be productive. The world needs your specialty, the world awaits your grand coming. Join the race of innovation, creativity and dominate the top.

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