Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How I found my niche?
Work or Pay and Career or Grades.
My last semester in college was my best semester, each moment was full of joy knowing I would be done with undergrad soon. I had extra courses on my school schedule because I wanted to, I had banking and finance courses while my major was Management Information Systems. Some of my friends and course-mates thought it was not a good match. I would have thought so too when I had 50% on my first quiz while the rest of the class had above 80%, that didn't weigh me down. It was my first time in life doing something I want, finally I chose a career path I love "Banking and Finance".
    I should have long been a commercial or business inclined student, I guess in SS 1 or grade 10 but peer pressure wouldn't. I remember vividly being advised my form mistress in Junior secondary school and Business studies teacher; Mrs Pam. She told me "you have good grades on your Business studies, you should be in commercial class" but how would I want to hid to her advice when I thought the science students rule the world and all my friends were headed to the sciences. I didn't want to fall my hand, I needed to belong there. Maybe that was not all to me being strong headed coupled with the fear of Accounting the same Accounting I did and had A's on, this time even much tougher than the one I feared.
Lesson " Don't let fear have you at anytime thread that path even it means going alone, never follow the crowd, be open to mentors and teachers. They see your weakness and strength let them guide you through.

Second part
It all paid off though no regrets, no knowledge is wasted, trust me God's grace saw me through high school as a "Science student". Then reality dawned on me, my major in college was civil engineering. Whoop!!! I studied, I prayed, I studied again and prayed much more, I had a spot in the library but trust God you can never be what you are not even worse what God has not called you to be.
     Then second year in college I was determined to do something different didn't know what I wanted to do next, I wanted to change school and course my cousin advised I needed a change of environment to get a different result, she was so right. A friend's friend told me all the Engineering students she knew who wanted to change their majors' did Management Information System, she was not wrong either. I did so well my first semester that was a good sign for me I had beaten my old satisfactory grades to near best grades. I loved my new career path because my grades were superb.
    Two years passed and it was time to gain some theoretical knowledge, I wanted to do it somewhere different from where my school was, motherland beckoned come give back to where you have gotten so much. So I went to my home country and searched for an internship position. I went from office to office, street to street and finally I got a three month internship in Securities and Exchange Commission I chose to do my intern there because it offered the highest pay amidst the three offers I got and was closer to my home so I had to spend less. "Who doesn't like money?" Little did I  know it was all crafted by God. I worked two weeks in the Information Technology department then I was redeployed to Stock Exchange division specializing in Registration and Recognized Investment Department. And prior to coming.for my internship I already applied for a minor in school along side my Major, the puzzle then fit I knew what my minor would be "Banking and Finance", it all made sense, I had found a course I really love.
  Mrs Pam was right, how could she know I would make a good commercial student? Was I the best in her class? Did she love me the most? The answers to those questions are No, she knew because she loved her job. She had a passion for teaching. That is what happens when you love your job not just your pay!!!
Do you love your job or your pay?
Do you love your career or your grades?
This is a question I ask myself. If am not paid would I still do my job? If I don't get good grades would I still do this course? You should ask your self too.
I pray God Almighty places us on the right track in Jesus Name Amen.

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