Tuesday, January 6, 2015

There is a place of success for you.
There is a place where you can express the fullest of the divinity in you. A place where your dreams can be realized. There is a place where your struggles will cease and you will produce positive results in your life almost effortlessly. There is a niche for you to discover and occupy in life. A niche is defined as "A situation or an activity specially suited to a person's interest abilities or nature".
     There is something God has specifically designed you to do with your life. There is a place, profession, career, business or endeavor where your gifting and talent will flourish and transform you into a shining star. This place is your niche. Fitting into your divine niche is the foundation for enduring success. Your vocation, profession, career or business when discovered becomes your niche. That is your ultimate calling. Success is simply fulfilling your calling in life. To succeed therefore, you need to take a closer, deeper look at your inner abilities, package and utilize them more creatively.
       Some people are precariously misplaced in career, business and in relationships. Some are misdirected, confused and under-utilizing their potentials. Some are in the wrong professions, studying courses they have little or no interest in because their parents, friends or colleagues told them to. They are pursuing careers that are taking them nowhere. They don't know what precisely to do to set them on the right track to fulfill their ultimate destiny in life.

       When you know where you are going in life, the world stands aside to let you pass and most times the world will even assist, aid and support the fulfillment of your life's calling. Read, think and take action. You can release the success within you.
     I would be writing on how I found my niche tomorrow by God's grace.

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