Saturday, December 24, 2016


I thought to share my church jottings with you today, hope you learn and enjoy reading it as much as I do.

Family Worship Centre... Dec 11, 2016. Pst Wilson.

Text: Ps 90: 12, II Cor 13:5, Gen 3:9
God will ask where are you?
What is the state of your affair?
Men will ask who are you?

Teach us to number our days so we can see how few they are and help us to spend them Oh Lord

The most important gift God has given mankind equally is 'time'

The only reason men will live and not do great things is misuse of time.

Topic: Retreat, Review and Respond.

Retreat: A period of retirement, withdrawal, get away to be alone by yourself with God to discuss your life, your success. You stay away from work, from friends, from family so you can reflect on how far you have gone, how far you can go. To reflect on God on purpose. It is deliberate. An uninterrupted time with God.

A time to think and ponder. It's not a rush hour deviation from the norm. It's not a quickie. It is not time to mutter things to God on your way to work.

It is necessary for every member of Family Worship Centre to have a retreat.

Luke 5:15. Jesus took a 40 day retreat before he started his ministry.
Anyone who wants to do more, be more and have more for God needs to stay apart with God. Every time you take time to be with God you come back refreshed.
There is holiness in stillness.
Be still and know that I am God.

Matthew 11: 28- 30 (MSG)

"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly."

Begin to pray for your retreat. Ask God to prepare you for a retreat.
Ask God if you will be fasting or eating or doing both at this years retreat.

Things to go with during retreat

You must go with a Bible
You must go with notebook and pen
Don't go with an internet gadget
Be excited, Be ready. Be expectant. Avoid all forms of distraction.

Thank God for your life so far
Thank for salvation
Pray in tongues.
Tell him to take over the entire atmosphere.

At the retreat you will enter the stage of review.
Examine yourself,
Exanine your prayer life
Examine your personal life.
Ask yourself 'am I fully pleasing to God?'

Try read a book on heaven.
Ask if you still struggling to please God.
Did you cloth the naked this year?
Did you feed the hungry?
Opening every layer of your life.

Where were you at the beginning of 2016 with this things.
Be brutal, objective and sincere with yourself during your review.

Answer questions like this.
Where am I right now? What were the factors responsible for my devotion?
What were the factors responsible for having 0 debts?
I must have dodged that women who tells me to take the goods on credit.
Take note of the positives and negatives.

Have your goals based on your present strengths.

Short term goal
Medium term goal
Long term goal.

What are the habits that are counter-productive. Ensure to cut out all of these habits.

Ish 42:16 (NKJV) Jer 32:8 Ish 48:17

Now that you have an idea of what the problems are lay it down at God's feet.

God wants you to be specific.
God will give you a defined to-do list.

I have never approached a December scared of the coming January.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

It's all in your head

*Dusting cobwebs*

I know it has been a while I posted on here, my sincere apologies to my avid and visiting readers, I got caught up with work and school. I am so sorry.

So lets go to the day's post, it is going to be short and precise.

So I have heard people say they cant do this or that because they are afraid of what Mr A or Ms B would say to them.
I have also seen someone not wear a beautiful outfit that suits the occasion, because they wore it once and had posted a picture of it online.

Just to say a few of the many ridiculous things people do because they think they are been watched by someone who is probably busy getting their life together or something.

I doubt anyone really cares if you have pictures of yourself in that outfit prior to now, or someone sits to talk about you all day. No dear, people have things going for them. people are busy impacting their world. Everyone is running on a race called Life.

So stop abhorring those thoughts because it's all in your head and it should not bother you, even if they did. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Are all men the same?

I often hear ladies say all men are the same. I thought about it some more and then I realized I do not have an answer for that. I cannot say for sure all men are the same or are not the same but I hear men say this to ladies 'I am different' so I am confused. Who then speaks the truth?

Likewise guys say all ladies are the same. I will speak to that since am a lady. A typical lady doesn't accept to look like another how much more in character and vices. So who is accurate?

I know one thing for sure, which is every one person is unique and no two humans, even identical twins born two or three seconds apart are the same.

The Holy Book confirms that we are unique in the following verses: (This verses are not exhaustive)

Psalm 139:13-14 You alone created my inner being. You knitted me together inside my mother. I will give thanks to you because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Your works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this.

Jeremiah 1:4-5 The LORD gave me this message: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah 29:11:For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Psalm 139:2-4 You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do. You know what I am going to say even before I say it, LORD.

1 Peter 2:9 However, you are chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, people who belong to God. You were chosen to tell about the excellent qualities of God, who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

I hope you reckon with me now that all men are not the same.

Photocredit: Google

Friday, November 11, 2016

22 things about me

November 11 = 11 + 11 = 22

God is my keeper and all, Iwant to acknowledge Him for everything.

I will be 22 Tomorrow, November 11, 2016 and I thought to share 22 facts about me.

1 - I believe there is God, I have seen Him evident in my life.

2 -  I believe in love, purity, chastity and chivalry.

3 - I love God, my family, my friends and my colleagues.

4 - I could be sensitive but this is relative though.

5 - I am not covetous, never been and never will.

6 - I hate injustice, dishonesty and immorality

7 - I have a beautiful smile, you already know that.

8 - I hate arguments because it makes me shudder.

9 - I do not have a best friend but I have found the best in all of my friends.

10 - I dislike high heeled shoes but thank God for wedges they save the day.

11 - My favourite drink is water.

12 - I am unassuming, cordial and respectful

13 - I love eating maybe too much, now you know why my colleagues don't invite me for lunch *puppy eyes*

14 - I love academics, I might be a lecturer soon if it is God's will.

15 - I am told I have a good heart and yes I do.

16 - I am shy at first but super cool once you become a paddy.

17 - My mum still scolds when I am wrong and my brother is my realest paddy.

18 - I once took a picture with a locked bicycle in Amsterdam, Netherlands so I look like a cool kid cycling on Facebook. *SMH*

19 - I can neither swim nor drive (but I take the best swimming pool selfies and I will beat you hands down at a karting race)

20 - I have read only 10% of my library.

21 - I am multitasking and multifaceted.

22 - I took a cigarate puff once with my Hungarian friend. (I ran to get water but couldn't wait to climb the stairs so I swallowed snow flakes from the floor thank God it was winter after then I never tried experimenting)

I must have missed out some things so please drop your comments about me.

Thank you.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

What you want exists, don't settle until you get it.

Have you ever been told ?
"You dream too much"
"Ohhh that's not possible!"
"Maybe in fairytale land not in this world"
"Stop, it is never been done"
"Girls don't do this or that so you can't do it"
"Nobody has ever done this before, you will fail"

A lot of this negative comments are things you will hear people tell you once you get on a new track and embark on your journey to success and self discovery. Don't for a second think about it let it just be another passing comment.

Some people are negative and also give negativity, do not receive it. Stand for what you believe in and stay positive.

Stay great and on track don't get detracted for a minute.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


...Sometimes a woman needs a man who is a brother friend more than she needs a romantic attachment. She needs someone who is strong enough to say to her, "Say baby, the way you acted the other night, that's not right, or that wasn't the swiftest thing you could do." At the same time she needs him to be strong enough to say, "Hey baby that was so brilliant, I am so proud of you, you were wonderful...(by MAYA ANGELOU)

Saturday, October 15, 2016


This subject is so ambiguous because different people define happiness based on their mood per time.

I mean to a child it could because of the chocolate daddy brings home or the freshly baked doughnut mummy buys from the doughnut store. For a teenage boy it will be the 2016 x-box 360, it could be this or an iPhone 7. I cannot tell these days. A teenage girl is quite confused I would not know what she wants and in my days I was a tomboy so do not ask me what would have made me happy. For a lady it will be a wholesome relationship with a tall, dark, and handsome man and for the gentleman I will assume a legal, good paying job.

All of these could make people happy not necessarily true for everyone. I mean not all of us have this, but we are still happy right? 

I thought for a while and I came to the conclusion that neither a person nor a thing can create happiness. Instead it comes from within, so henceforth don't let anyone make you unhappy. 

The point is this happiness should not be brewed off people, animal, places or things. It should come from within you, because people would hurt, leave, get disloyal and this will shake you, animals will mostly pass on, for places you have to leave and for things they will definitely get lost or deteriorate. 

The summary of this all, is you have to constantly redefine yourself, generate a reason to be happy and never let anyone or anything define your happiness. It is your happiness, so take responsibility and make yourself happy. It is the best you could do for yourself, so do it always as God strengthens you. Amen

A verse to encourage you is 1 Peter 4:13 'But rejoice inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his Glory is revealed' 

PS: I do not want to catch you without a real smile, I can detect if it is fake *winks*
PSS: Have a great weekend and remember to stay genuinely happy. 

My collage from home, to church to work all shows how happy I am. You cannot fake such beautiful smile, can you?

Friday, October 7, 2016

What is life all about?

Last Saturday I was woken with the call from my colleague that a lady who works with us in the state had passed on after been ill for about 10 days.

Ever since then  I have been pondering and wondering a lot about life, what is life itself?

Is it about the physical looks, the nice bum or upright bosoms?
Is it about the great job, the awesome pay, the foreign tours?
Is it about the beautiful girlfriend, later turned wife?
Is it about the tall, dark and handsome boo later turned husband?
is it about the cars, houses and fame?
Is it about power, politics and prestige?
Is it about family and friends?
Is it about you and me?
Well I might not have the answer for you, but for me I want to live in praise of God all the days of my life.

So many thoughts come to mind and I just wonder,
How Mahatma Gandhi thought about life?
How Mother Theresa thought about life?
How Nelson Mandela thought about life?
When Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Mandela lived did they plan to leave a legacy for themselves or it just happened? Well I think I can answer this. It did not just happen and if you keep waiting to have everything you desire to create a monumental change you will wait forever, so I indulge to start today to make something of life.

I hope the following questions will guide you as you begin to make something of life:
What am I most passionate about?
Do I want to be remembered by that?
What do I want to be remembered for?
What have I done today that will add up to what I want to be remembered for?

After a while ask yourself, what am I synonymous with?
Ask friends and family what comes to mind when you name is called?

It has to be something good and truly Godly.
I wish us all success as we begin to live for a defined purpose.

Friday, September 30, 2016

I went a day without complaining.

So lately I realized I had complained and whined more than I talked, it was affecting my work, friendship and my devotion with God. I knew I had to stop complaining, whining and fault finding because God didn't like it neither did my friends not colleagues.

So my first day of intentionally not complaining started out great till I got to the hospital, I was asked to get a queue number I did get that, waited patiently as I read a book. While reading, a staff of the hospital asked me to follow him as there was a doctor who was not attending to anyone on another floor. I went there with him with the anticipation to get attended to and get back to work in time. On getting there I asked "where is the doctor?" He quietly replied "Sorry madam, person don enter her office" this means sorry, someone is in the office to see the doctor. I then responded "why did you let me come down if..." I literally lost my speech there, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me "no complaints, not today" that was it I sat and smiled. I am sure the guy will be wondering what went wrong, some other lady across the passage had a big frown but the moment I smiled she smiled too.

Well, I happened to sit beside a little boy and his mum we exchanged pleasantries and I continued reading my book. Somehow as we waited, another lady in hijab walked by with her son, this other boy would not walk past, he stopped, smiled and stretched his hand to get some of the biscuits the kid beside me was eating, it was then I quickly reached for my phone to capture this beautiful moment of border less and uncompromising love.

This teaches me a lot, you share joy when you don't complain, people get comfortable around you and more importantly you see the beauty in humanity. Had it been I flared up or complained I will be in a downcast mood to have noticed the beautiful show of love happening around me and I will have missed out on letting the lady across the hallway smile at my smile. Lol cliche right? But I mean it.

PS: Do not complain today, I mean try it is hard and you will get tempted to but please don't fall for the temptation.

PSS: Sometimes for us to stop complaining we have to caught out some folks from our lives, people that trigger anger and complaints are not worth sinning and getting moody over. Just move on already.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Information is actually useless

Yes I wrote that right and you sure read it. Is it not true? Is information in itself not useless?‎
A comedy was about to play on your screen, and you skip it to read an article that seemed right. After reading, you realize you just lost time and a good laugh because there was no value for the information you acquired from the article. ‎

Again I ask, isn't information useless? Especially in these era of social media and technology craze where one has different bits of information flying in one's face.
This is a problem I call "information burden". This occurs when one has excess information and has no use for them. Even if one does, one becomes confused on what to do with what. Thus no use for the information one has or just obtained. That is no use of information and that is why it is useless.‎

I may be countered here because of the popular quote which is "information is power" and blah blah. I ask, show me the power you have with all the information you have. Not to say I don't read articles or posts, I sure do but I filter it, the title already gives a hint to what you are about reading. If it is not going to be an add why waste time on it? This problem of reading everything that comes our way is likened to doing many trades. "Jack of all trade, master of none". For information it will be "Reader of all, leader of none".‎

PS: Information is not useless if acted upon and used for the benefit of one or all.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I am called the Preacher's kid

Yeah I am a Preacher's kid (PK), I was called that in my undergraduate days, most of my classmates and friends called me a Preacher's kid. They will say I was very polite, jovial, sincere, helpful, decent and I loved church. Those attributes definitely made me a Preacher's kid. I always smiled and hoped the discussion ended there, which did most times.

Back then I was struggling with certain bad habits which made me somewhat unworthy of the name I was called. And no one saw that I will presume. They rather saw the beauty in my ashes.

Well that phase of "living not so right" passed and I was right on track as I should. That didn't change the preachers kid tag. When I started work, a senior colleague asked if my mum was a teacher? I smiled and said "yes, she's a teacher in church". He said "exactly", thats why I behave the way I do and say the things I say. I was stunned because this brought the good memories of being called a preacher's kid back.

I am really wondering what makes me different from my peers and makes me stand out.

Everyone compliments me for being beautiful, smart and responsible, the latter never eluded the compliment. I get praised for decent dressing. I sometimes get called 'Mary'. I will think that's good, ohh wait! I am not thinking, I know it's good. ‎

I am called a preachers kid, that sure gladdens my heart. I am curious to know what you are called. What do people call you?‎

Monday, August 29, 2016

He did not draw me

I visited Silverbird Entertainment Centre Abuja sometime last year, I was so bored I could not wait for company. I go to the cinemas alone to cool off and have what I call “self-fun”. Well long story short, there was this guy who was supposed to be an artist by the restaurant just beside the ticket stand, he indeed has his marketing skills game going well for him because he convinced me to sit and get drawn.
At the end of the day when I took this sketch home, my mother said she did not have a daughter that looked like the person that  had been drawn. My brother said "this does not look like you sister Roti". My boss said "this is definitely not you"
What are your thoughts about this 'sketch' of me by the 'Artist'?

The underlying story is for you and I, it doesn't matter what the world draws of you. You are you, you are beautiful. You have your distinctive qualities. You don't need an artist to draw you because he won't draw you perfectly. All you need is you to draw out the beauty in you, the passion, the intellect, and the thousand and one things that dwell within you. The artist will only try to draw you, but you will have to draw the inner you and only you can see that. Your best drawing is going to be done by you. Only you can see what you really want to portray to the world. I pray God blesses and guides you as you begin to draw yourself the way you want to be seen, read and understood by the world.
You are your best artist remember that even if you forget anything else from this post.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

15 rules for growth

These 15 rules of Growth are my collection of growth hacks from people, places and events. It has guided me at different stages of life's journey, I hope one, if not all guides you as you grow too.

1. Intentional : Growth is not by chance it's intentional.

2. Awareness: Who are you? Who do want to be? Discover yourself, you must be aware of yourself

3. Mirror: you must first see value in yourself.

4. Reflection: Learn to stop at a point and examine yourself if you are doing well.

5. Consistency: Motivation gets you going, consistency gets you growing.
"Whatever you have learnt to do, do it well"

6. Environment: Do you have a conducive atmosphere. If you don't create one, if you have make it better.

7. Design: Do you have a strategy and layout of what you want to achieve. Remember you have do what stands out.

8. Pain: The law of pain, no pain no gain. Great things start from small unpleasurable beginnings.

9. Habits: Your character determines the outcome of whatever you do.
You have to give up bad habits to grow up

10. Creativity: Are you creative? Create the unknown out of the known.

11. Mentor: Have a good and Godly role model you take cues and clues from. The law of modeling or mentoring

12. Expansion: the law of expansion. Growth always expand you.

13. Purpose: It has to come from within. What drives you?

14. Optimism: You have to be positive about the future. Think about the best outcomes always.

15. Target: What do you want to achieve? You should aim for a better future.

16. SuperPower: Where do you get your energy from? What is the source of your power? Every great person I know has always depended on a power greater than theirs.
I get mine from God Almighty. He is my All in All.

I want you to grow so great that you are remembered positively 300 years from today.

PS: I have been super busy this past week. That's why I am posting today and for that reason am sharing a second post that is personal. This is the link to read the personal story

Friday, August 19, 2016

Be proud of GOD

I mean, the world is so proud of itself and its ways, and doesn't stop at nothing in showing itself. Thus hiding nothing from no one.
I carry, and have to carry, the God badge wherever I go, no hiding or sneaking. God is Love, my Shield, my Helper, my Rock, my Refuge, my Shepard, my Comforter, my Stronghold, my Tower, the Mighty man in battle, never failing God. He is God in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and even at night. He is Faithful. He is God, He introduced Himself as God from the beginning, and nothing can change that. He is my All in All. God is good and in all things I give Him thanks and Praise for only Him is worthy of my Praise and Worship. I thank God for my life, my work, my family and my friends.
I will be an ingrate if do not thank God for the gift of life, for provision, for health that wealth cannot buy. I have been low so I appreciate high. Did I forget to say? I have been on ground zero, so I know what it means to be a Hero. I have slept hungry, so I know the value of having dinner. I have been there and I owe it all to God for being here today.
I have fallen 99 times but I have also risen 99 times. I don't know how, but I know He did it, and I am grateful to God for lifting my hand always.
I have learnt to live my life acknowledging God as supreme and owing nothing to myself. I talk to Him, I pray to Him, I worship Him. He is my all in all. I do not take it for granted that I have a personal relationship with God.
Remember those who put everything in God’s hand will eventually see God’s hand in everything.

Friday, August 12, 2016


In Response to Chipos question on her vlog ‘What makes you different?’
A number of things make me different, from my determination, reaction to feedback, adding humour to life, to mention a few. These things certainly make me different. I am proud of my unique traits and abilities. The world does not have two of me. There is a unique aura I bring, that anyone who has ever met me will attest to.
I am daring and adventurous, not going with the norm. Different in style, simple yet unique. Sometimes I think I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) because of my preference; I saw some plates stacked up in the kitchen shelve and I rearranged them to be in a particular sequence, and that is me.
I know am original, I have my trademark and so should you. There is something about me that makes me stand out. I am grateful to God for my uniqueness.
You have your uniqueness, discover it and glorify God with it.
Watch the vlog that inspired todays post with this link:

Thank you and stay unique.  

Friday, August 5, 2016


Oh what joy it is to have friends,
From different tribes we speak one language,
From different backgrounds we eat same food,
From different places we unite as one.

I love my friends and my friends love me,
Though we fight we do not split,
Though we are different we love each other,
Through it all we come out finer and stronger.

You are my friend and I am your friend.
You scold me when am wrong and I will do the same,
I cover my face in shame to rise in Glory when you correct me,
With you I have learnt no breaking out but making it out and making it work.

I never might have said it but I love everything about you,
I love Amarachi
I love Muslee.
I love Oke,
I love Adaora,
I love Augustina,
I love Wale,
I love Yetunde,
I love Onyeka,
I love Ijeoma, 
I love Shola,
I love Uche,
I love Kemi,
I love Dolapo,
I love Chiamaka,
I love Ebun,
I love Kenechi,
I love Morenee,
I love Teslim,
I love Micheal,
I love you
I love all my friends

Friendship will be incomplete without you my darling friend, yes I mean you reading this.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The silent scream

I decided to share my colleagues write up on fear, his perception is quite different.

Have you ever felt fear in its rawest form?
The kind that paralyses and erodes any semblance of strength
Fear prompted by the foreseeable future and the possible play out of events
The fear gendered by mistakes made and consequences to be faced

There is a kind of fear that works against hope
Not the immediate fear of a happening
But one that paints a horrid and gloomy picture
A future nearly devoid of sunlight but filled with storm clouds all around

That is the nature of the fear that grips my heart
Each waking hour brings trepidation as my heart rate ranks any avian
Even as I attempt drowning in my daily tasks
A single pause sends a massive jolt raising my heart and blood pressure

Pulse rising, hands shaking, pupils dilating
I look for a semblance of peace, some mirage of calm
For at such moments the slightest hue of light
Is as welcome as a drop of liquor in the vast Sahara

I remind myself that there is more to me
One mistake is not enough to rue my course
A path divinely ordered and eternally decided
Much more than circumstances in life can define

Even at that, I feel no relief
No dose of positivity or self-assurance calms the breath
Rather, like an icy bath on a cold December night
An unearthly chill trickles down my spine releasing a voiceless scream of pure terror

Author: Daniel A. OYEKANMI

Friday, July 15, 2016


Fear as a dwarf can make the giant quake
Fear yet weak, can make the strong run
Fear yet tiny, can make the mighty powerless
Fear yet slow, can make the fast halt

It moves likes the speed of light when spoken
It pierces like sewing needle on a soft fabric
It lacerates like an open slash on the skin
It aims like the snipers bullet

When spoken it goes beyond the ears
When spoken it shrugs the feet
When spoken it triggers imagination
When spoken it pops false reality

There is a word that is Ferocious
There is a word that is Malicious
There is a word that is Dangerous
Fear is that word

What will make you lose your confidence?
What will make you feel less human?
What will make you still in the dark?
Fear will…

Photo credit: Google
Original poem: Chibuzor Ikechebelu
Edited by: Rotimi Akingbehin

Friday, July 8, 2016


Ideas come to different individuals at different times and places. It doesn't matter how, when or even where it comes, what matters the most is having an idea. The greatest of ideas has not come to the man who goes to find it, rather it has come to that man who takes deliberate steps to make his world better.

Idea: A conception in the mind of something to be done; a plan for doing something, an intention. [from 17th c.]

Ever wondered how you think of something, and you picture it so well. Then in your bid to get everything right and ready, so that it comes out perfect, someone else will just showcase your idea. You thought you were the only one that had the idea.
You see ideas are not man-generated rather they are God-given. God gives the same idea to different people because the job has to be done. So if you are slow, which you are always, the other idea carrier executes it. So my point is this; you have an idea doesn't mean another person doesn't have the same idea. The sooner you act and run with your idea the better.

I pray we all get divine ideas from God and have the grace and will power to execute it.  Amen.

PS: Ideas could be from God, which is good. It could also be flesh inspired which is errrrmmm okay... or even from satan which is definitely terrible.

Friday, July 1, 2016


Talent is quite unclear as a term; people understand talent differently, some folks believe it is God given, others believe it is heritable while a few think it is self-developed. For all of these facts and assumptions which might be wrong or right - the bottom line is, what we do with our talent.

In many instances we discover our talent, sometimes we are told. Consequently, unmasking how different we are from others. We know (occasionally we are told) of our sonorous voice, electric dance skill, dramatic act, articulate writing, sumptuous cooking and much more. While grasping and appreciating our differences, we realize that we stand out in all facet of our lives, we do these things with passion and zeal. From doing what we love to loving what we do, we wont work a day of our lives. Doing these things daily, brings inner peace and fulfillment. We never want to stop or quit. You are your talent and your talent is you.

Find your talent, use it and stand out. Add your uniqueness to it, don’t be like the rest, be the best.Other people may have your talent but they don’t have your twist and never will.

Talents are God given gifts to individuals.

PS: Thank you for visiting my blog, it means a lot to me. May God help you discover your talent if you have not found it In Jesus Name. Amen. I also pray you find your twist if you have not found it already in Jesus Name Amen.

PS: I will be writing on ideas next Thursday, watch this space *hugs&kisses*

Friday, June 24, 2016

Matured friendship

Friendship has evolved over time just like technology, food, cloth, shelter and almost everything in our world.

Well, matured friendship is what you and I need to grow in this evolving world. Things have since changed from the way we know then and friendship is not an exception. We almost never visit our friends and even if we do we are always talking about this picture on instagram or that video on Facebook or those stories on Snapchat. We are so engrossed with the social media craze, that if we are not hosting about them we are taking selfies to post on them.

We have lost basic friendship, please do not let us lose matured friendship. Let's keep in touch with friends and families on social media and beyond. 

Friendship can be very intresting, amazing and even thrilling but it also comes with its own warcry. It's a norm for friends to misunderstand each other but that doesn't mean blocking each other, especially on social media. It only means we are social media controlled if we do that. Let's not be robotic in our approach to handling issues. We are humans, let us talk and not block. Let us gist and blacklist.

It's only human to cherish and grow friendship, our friends and families are the best of God's creation you can have and they are irreplaceable. They were made by God to guide and guard us in the right direction. We can never have friends and families enough.

A sign of matured friendship is knowing we are going to be wrong and wronged. It is maturity to understand that we need to be corrected and also correct, and not everything should be taken as an offense to our character. 

Everyone needs a friend, and even more.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Reflection! Reflection!! Reflection!!!

When I say "reflection", I do not  intend to explain the physics term which is 'the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it'. No I do not mean that, instead I mean this reflection which is a 'serious thought or consideration'.

Reflections are very essential phases we all have in our lives, some folks reflect more often than others but we all have moments we reflect on our thoughts, decisions, actions, speech and sometimes we reflect on life itself. We critically think and re consider some of the decisions we have made that has led us to the path we are currently walking on and often times we realize though traveled far on this path we know and are comfortable with, it is never too late to take a turn back to the starting point and start all over again. To take a new path that will give us the desired outcome we want at the end of our lives.

We need to put everything in perspective and plan as much as we can so we have an excellent result, not living each day as it comes but living each day planned and adjusting to what each day brings. Making decisions after a reflecting are very helpful and important, it is a kind of stop and adjust mechanism we do, that is we stop at intervals, look back and adjust our lives based on changes that have occurred over time. Its very essential we reflect regularly, so as not to go on a path for too long in the wrong direction and find it difficult to to go over to start again.

I know someone is getting anxious to know what metric can be used to reflect. Well the only metric of reflection I know is my Holy Bible. I use my Bible to reflect and set standard for daily living. I will recommend the book of Proverb for anyone and everyone, it has simple and understandable verses you can relate to and reflect on.

Some quotes on Reflections

''Reflect upon your present blessings -- of which every man has many -- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some"- Charles Dickens

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."- Seren Kierkegaard

I hope you would reflect more after reading this and learning the importance of reflection.

Maybe some we will sit on a big table to share our experiences and what we had to give up to live right.

Thank you for reading my post.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Love from the heart of the one I Love, I tweaked it though but today's blogpost is his original piece.
"I love love itself, so I guess I understand love to some extent.
Love gives no notice, it just happens.
Love can't be threatened, it isn't scared.
Love is stronger than fear, it is sacrificial.
Love can't be transferred, it never fails or work in error.
Love always hits it's target, it changes everything.
Love intimidates the unloved, it makes people think you're not of this world.
Love makes everyone happy, it teaches and tutors.
Love helps and enlightens everyone, it always sends a message, informs and influences.
Love is patient, it sees you at all times.
Love feeds your body, soul and spirit.
Love can trigger envy, but it's never envious.
Love is never ignorant, it can sometimes look insane.
Love takes care of its own, it is always entertaining.
Love can be translated as anything, it can be misunderstood sometimes.
Love sometimes come with a loud scream, just to add beauty.
Love is always truthful, it sticks to its course.
Love is not suicidal, but can be sacrificial.
Love is always available when needed, it isn't jealous.
Love is always courteous, it makes dream beautiful.
Love compliments, it heals everything.
Love concurs to its loved one, they always sync.

Oh! Love takes care of itself, it presents itself worthy at all times.
Love always take the loved one safe to their destination.
Love takes people away to allow them experience it.
Love is always shown, it is practical.
Love cannot be exhausted, it is never finishes.
Love never doubts its instincts, it teaches the needful and useful.
Love teaches how to love, it makes everything beautiful.
Love makes the heart leaps, it never leaves even when it is rejected.
Love reciprocates kindness,goodness and wellness at all times.
Love never misses its way, it unveils itself in newness at all times.
Love is always cares for, it thinks about the well being of its loved one.
Love knows when to offer what it has, it is selfless.
Love smiles when it is called upon.
Love is in the village and in the city, on the mountain and in the valley, love is everywhere.
Love never copies, it displays its beautiful and original content.
Love can be called anything, but it knows its true name.
Love adds beauty, it doesn't make one get ugly.
Love doesn't hurt the other, either physically or otherwise.
Love shares what is within it, it doesn't share human beings.
Love is never concluded, it's like the deep blue sea.
Love is always with everyone, it's inbuilt in every living being.
Love never withholds, it is playful
Love is abused, but it admonishes.
Love is always real, but might be misunderstood sometimes for real.
Love never says what it doesn't mean, love is true.
Love is not a fight, but it's worth fighting for.
Love doesn't love once, love always loves.
Love gives breathe and life to those in need.
Love doesn't need to prove a point to people, it is all the point needed by the loved one.
Love doesn't oppress people, love uplifts people.
Love doesn't cost a thing, but appreciates the thought. involved when spent on
Love is universal, it has no tribe or race.
Love doesn't go against anyone but goes for the loved one.
Love is openness, it holds no secret.
Love brings to reality all the imaginations that became a dream, dreams and imaginations are synonymous.
They come to reality when love expose them."

Friday, June 3, 2016

The mind

The mind, the home of thoughts, the birth place of ideas, the most powerful part of a person.

The mind is sometimes said to be in the head while others say it's in the heart. The mind is powerful, it has the decision to either make or mar a person. Your mind is so dependent on you, its a tree it grows what you plant in it. If you plant positive things, you will have a positive yield and if otherwise you will have a negative yield.

The mind has been defined as the following:
1. The ability for rational thought.

2. The ability to be aware of things.

3. The ability to remember things.

4. The ability to focus the thoughts

5. Judgement, opinion, or view.

6. Desire, inclination, or intention.

7. A  non-material substance or set of processes in which consciousness, perception,affectiviely, judgement, thinking and will.

The mind is a function of the brain and this it is why an alteration in the brain affects the mind negatively.
 You mind is you and you are your mind. I will recommend you do not get into any compromising act that will alterate your mind.

Remember nobody got the kind of mind you have, you are all by yourself in the world with your kind of mind. Everyone awaits you with your world changing ideas.

Just imagine a Steve Jobs or a Barack Obama or a Mother Theresa not using the mind power and self will they possessed, just imagine that. Battles are first fought in the mind before reality.

Your world awaits you to harness the power of your mind so you can harness your actions, surely we do.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Doing the unusual

What is doing the unusual?

So many thoughts come to mind once unusual is read, well unusual is defined as  "Unlike what is expected; differing in some way from the norm."

Exactly you read that right!

Doing the unusual is what most people dare when embarking on anything in life.

We always choose the normal, the usual, the common, the easy and the least challenging option when making decisions on anything and everything, forgetting that the usual will give you a usual result. I bet you don't want that.

The arithmetic equation in this is so simple, unusual preparation + (unusual) opportunity  = unusual success.

The unusual in parenthesis signifies that the extra effort put in your preparation would create a resultant opportunity.

Usual begat usual and unusual begat unusual.

To be unusual is simple, I am on an unusual journey myself and I assure you by God's grace am getting an unusual success.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Success Recipe: Godfidence(3)

Godfidence is a word that's fast taking over our world. Maybe someday soon it will get into the Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary but for now let me define it.
Godfidence is coined from God and confidence.
God is the creator of heaven and earth, God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, He is all encompassing, Father to the fatherless and defender of the widow. I could go on and on with the definitions, named and accolades I have for God.
Confidence on the other hand is defined as being very sure of something and it's used positively, it's an expression of certainty and the quality of trusting.

Godfidence can therefore be defined as being very sure of something because God is involved. Godfidence can also be described as an expression of assurance of anything according to God's word. It is a major ingredient in the success recipe actually the most important one, because persistence will fuel and push you for a while but not forever, focus will drive you on, but Godfidence gives you the assurance you need. What's more important than the assurance of success, as the ingredients bubble in that cooking pot and the aroma of success fills the air.

Let's say you have never cooked your favorite soup before, you Google and find some recipes online and even saw videos on YouTube after watching and doing carefully what the YouTube chef does. Your salivating cos the aroma of the soup you have made fills the air but not just that, you then eat it and it even tastes better than the one you have always paid for at the restaurants.

The assurance (Godfidence here) of a soup well made is the awesome aroma that fills the air, even more fulfilling than this is the awesome taste of the soup. In life our assurance in God is actually all we need to be successful, but without a focus and persistence the success equation would not be correct. So the success recipe or equation is this: Persistence + Focus + Godfidence = Success.

I pray to see you at the top. ☺😊

Friday, May 13, 2016

Success recipe: Focus (2)

We all have heard the word "focus", to some folks it's the movie, for some it's for student concentrating in school, for others it's the point at which reflections and  refractions converge. Well, it doesn't matter what focus is to you. 

In today's writing focus is used to express the feeling that is backed up with a decision to do what ever you set your mind to do, focus means concentration of attention. 

On the success walk or journey, we will encounter so many distractions it will range from personal to family to work to school to public to social media distractions. Some days the distractions would come so strong, other days it will be minimal.
The point is this, no matter what you encounter always remember your end goal(as your main aim) at those times and stay focused.‎

Staying focused can not be over emphasized. Stay strong, keep your head up. God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.‎
I love you all and I pray God gives you the strength to stay focused.‎

Friday, May 6, 2016

Success Recipe: Persistence (1)

Persistence, consistence, determination, passion, drive, zeal and a lot more are synonymous in nature. We often use these words interchangeably which is okay based on the context it's been used. ‎

I will be writing on persistence today. Different people have different understanding of this word,  gladly my dictionary gives me this definition that I like a lot with relatable examples.‎
Persistence: the property of being persistent.
Example 1: You've got to admire his persistence. He's asked her out every day for a month even though she keeps turning him down.‎
Example 2: The little girl has a persistence in her request of a doll from her father
Example 3: Nigerians without no doubt have a strong persistence that the country will change in all ramfication for good

I will then relate persistence to my lifestyle. I've got to thank God for the persistence I have in updating my blog weekly even when the number of viewers aren't up to a million yet. That's on the lighter note.

Persistence is an attribute everyone and anyone who desires to be successful will have to possess. Sometimes our plans that are neatly drafted and crafted might give us a very damning and discouraging result which will dampen our motivation. To continue that which we already started we need persistence. Its times like this that persistence is required. Persistence is the fuel that keeps us moving when we are tired, worn out and frail. Persistence is very essential in everything and anything we find ourselves doing.
Persistence is one of the key ingredients in the success recipe and remember persistence is you encouraging yourself, when no one else would encourage you.

I will write on Focus next week by God's grace. Focus is another key ingredient in the Success recipe.‎

Friday, April 29, 2016

Weaponless war

Will you join me?

I want to ignite a War. Not with weapons or fist, not with threats or words.
I want to start a War. I want you all to join me

Without purpose, life will be without a trajectory
Without purpose, life will be without a course

Everyone has a purpose in life, but when one supercedes the other by compulsion, then one's purpose is destroyed.

The purpose of cattle is for beef
The purpose of farm is for food

When the rearer's purpose travails, forcefully, over the farmer's purpose, then their purpose is purposeless since at all cost they feed their cattle. Even if it cost a human life.

Thus, I want to ignite a War called BEEF FAST. Yes Beef fast

I won't eat beef because of this reasons
1. The cattle rearers kill my brothers and sisters because they want their cattle to graze on our farmland but we have refused because our farm lands are our source of livelihood
2. The cattle rearers do this for the cattle which will later become beef in our plates and bowls

I won't eat that beef from that cow that cost another person's life.

I don't know if am taking this too far but if you and I won't eat their beef from their cattle then we have stopped their source of livelihood.

If we won't and can't fight them back with machetes and axes, we can fight what they fight and kill for

If that's all we do then we have fought a good fight.


Friday, April 22, 2016

The Nigeria I see

I see a Nigeria with uninterrupted power supply.
I see a Nigeria with no queue at the fuel station.
I see a Nigeria with no killings here and there.
I see a peaceful country that welcomes tourists from every part of the world.

This Nigeria is new in view,
This Nigeria is green as new,
This Nigeria is safe as heaven,
This Nigeria is me and you.

Nigeria with no tribal or religious stereotypes,
Nigeria with unlimited resources,
Nigeria with a secure air, land and water ways,
Nigeria with all of us in it.

This Nigeria won't take time to come to fusion,
This Nigeria is here, it's knocking on your door and on mine,
This Nigeria is what we dream of,
And this Nigeria is you and I.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Double barrel joy

Today was my Passing Out Parade and that automatically means I have served my country and that officially means I can work in any government or private establishment I choose to work in.

Well my joy came in barrels today usually it comes in gallons but today's was different. Calls, texts, bbm, whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, a truck load of hugs, hand shakes and of course I could not help but scream loudly in Joy and thanksgiving to my Maker and Keeper God Almighty. I was so happy, I am so Happy and I will always be happy. Some will call it luck, some favor, some grace and others will call it blessings for me I will say it has been God all the way.

My joy doubled up when I opened my Facebook wait for it I saw this bros  aka Uncle that has been asking me when I am coming to Lagos or randomly buzzes to know if am in Lagos. He kept asking like he had a truck load of exotic fabric for me. (By the way that's the only way to a fashion designer's heart incase you didn't know). Uncle would always disturb me to know what's up with me and all, and about Valentine's he buzzed again I told him where I was which was a christan gathering of old couples and singles who wanted to learn. He then asked again when I was coming to Lagos, I then told Uncle I will be in Lagos for Easter. That was it ooo then Uncle buzzed on Holy Thursday asking when I will arrive Lagos. Can you imagine? I told him am not coming again and that was it. Lo and behold my facebook wall has it that that uncle got married and apparently he did not meet Aunty yesterday or last week or even the Easter week. The week he remembered to buzz me and his usual pattern is to say how much he likes me and blah blah blah.

So my question is this, why do men do this, do what you might thinking. Why would a man about to be married talk to another lady like he is single and wants to mingle? And occasionally even say they want to be married by a certain date or time of the year so she thinks she is the one or what biko? Guys that's like the oldest trick in the book. Please up your game if you want to play.

That been said. I am so Happy for Uncle and Aunty and much more happier for myself. Thank God I didn't even visit him when I was in Lagos because the time, energy and money I would have spent was used on 8 extra yards of colorful chiffon fabric which will be sewn into 4 office blouses.

I am a good person in the end because I called him to wish him a good marriage life which I did mean and even teased while I asked "why didn't you invite me?"

Better days are yet to come.
Collage of my POP and a drained me with my certificate.

Friday, April 8, 2016

My journey with English Language

My journey with the English Language began early in life, with family and friends. My mother always spoke to me in English maybe because she loves literature and topped the class in her school days. She always corrected my English assignments.
The journey continued in junior secondary school but this time I was all alone, my mum was far, she was not there to cross my t’s and dot my i’s. I hated those long annoying essays that will never make an article or worse still those boring debates we practiced for every afternoon. My English teacher made me hate the subject because she scolded me always plus I never submitted my assignments on time and that sure had a way of reducing my overall grade in school.
I narrowly passed my Junior School Certificate Examination; I must have had a D in English Language from what I remember. Literature was better because it had all the thrill and chills I needed, from the drama to prose and to my best poetry. I loved all the books I needed to read and I finished all of it even before the end of term in preparation for exams. I must have had an A in literature.
The journey has been rough I must tell, just yesterday at NYSC camp a friend shouted at me for calling fanta drink mineral he was like “it is called soft drink not mineral, you are graduate Rotimi”. I was like okay soft drink but trust me I went back to check if it was right or wrong and alas it was correct the Irish call soft drink ‘mineral’ I couldn’t help but send a screen-shot of my dictionary to him and I told him how angry I was after I found out I was right.

I am still in the journey. Please share your journey with me. I will love to read interesting things.

Thank you for always checking this space.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Learning to say 'No', has sure being one of the hardest things most of us have done.
Saying 'no' to a friend could end that relationship.
Saying 'no' to a sibling could require some explanation and maybe some sort of tip 😉.
Saying 'no' to a parent could crumble some bricks here and there.
Saying 'no' to a child could mean little or no arm whatsoever.

Saying 'no' to people has been essential from the very beginning of man. What if Eve said 'no' to the serpent or better still Adam said 'no' to Eve, just what if?

We always find ourselves caught inbetween saying no and saying yes. We always tend to say yes so as not to hurt the person we are conversing with or break a relationship, but have you realized most if not all of the Yes you said when you actually intended to say No have put you in the situation you are in now.

People will ask questions and require details as to why you have said no, thats okay if they are worth the explanation why not and if they are not please hop on to the next Yaba bus and listen to Don Meon in your track list.

It's so easy to be caught up with the buzz and fuzz of life that you lose track of what you really want to do and how you really want to do what you want to. It's your life own it and be accountable for everything and anything you do. Don't be caught up in the web instead catch the web. On this note I will leave with two interesting pictures I saw online this week, one is a screenshot though.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

All she wants

All she wants is her head resting on his semi-broad shoulders,
All she wants is her body encapsulated in his warm body,
All she wants is her nose smelling his fresh minty breath, 
All she wants is her back massaged with his firm grasp.

All she wants is to be away in a flower filled garden playing hide and seek with him,
All she wants is to be on a roller coaster, he holding her hand steadily reassuring her of his love,
All she wants is to chase in the rain him and get a kiss from him after he is caught her in his hands,
All she wants is to hear him laugh loud at her silly jokes and scold her for being silly when need be..

All she wants is to see him dress that his brown skinned masculine body,
All she wants is to walk with him in a her short flared dress and he holds her hand as she walks gently in those stiletto shoes,
All she wants is to let him open the door for her as they arrive the house that will become home forever,
All she wants is to feel short beside him and watch him steep down to kiss her forehead.

All she wants is to kneel with him at the end of each day to acknowledge their Maker,
All she wants is to hear him preach the word through his lifestyle, his attitude and everything that concerns him
All she wants is to build a Christian family with him, where love is endless and boundless.
All she wants is to organize charity outreaches for orphans and less privileged with him giving his full support.

All she wants is to be his only and he will be her only,
All she wants is to be found by him,
All she wants is to discern it is him.
All she wants is to be with him forever.

That is all she wants.

Friday, March 18, 2016

The woman I am fast becoming

The woman I am fast becoming,
I know that sounds cliche and maybe old. That's exactly what I want to write. I didn't type that while I was dozing off on the couch and no I wasn't sleep typing either.

So I will tell you about the woman am becoming, well not just am I becoming this woman the process to becoming her is really fast.

The woman I am becoming is slow to anger,
The woman I am becoming is slow to speak,
The woman I am becoming is quick to listen,
The woman I am becoming is fast to forgive.

The woman I am becoming is loving,
The woman I am becoming is cheerful,
The woman I am becoming is a peace maker,
The woman I am becoming is a hope restorer.

The woman I am becoming is kind,
The woman I am becoming is divine,
The woman I am becoming will not keep grudges,
The woman I am becoming will not slander another.

The woman I am becoming is a writer,
The woman I am becoming is an innovator,
The woman I am becoming is a teacher,
The woman I am becoming is an instrument of God's glory and restoration of hope to mankind.

The woman I am becoming is a beautiful daughter,
The woman I am becoming is a lovely sister,
The woman I am becoming is a sweet wife,
The woman I am becoming is an outstanding mum,
The woman I am becoming is a true friend,
The woman I am becoming is an awesome me, the best I can ever be.

I am the woman and I am fast becoming her.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Life without a dad

Life without a father is hard some folks will say it can be hard, but I tell you from experience it is hard.

Life without a father is hard some friends will tell you of the new that and new this their father got for them, thats okay and sweet. I would not be too sad if it were just gifts they got, but there is more they have that man that will always be there for them come rain come shine. They don't have to stress too hard, they still get pocket money even at 25, wow that is awesome! They call daddy to tell him of the new bloke in the block, they giggle at each others joke. They have someone who has their back when mama says otherwise, how delightful?

You tell your dad you need to change your hair and basinga he is to the rescue. You tell your dad you want the latest samsung phone and thats it, you have it by dinner. You have that man that sits on the King's seat during meals on the dining table.  You are always going to be his little girl and on your big day he walks you down the aisle. Oh what joy it is to have a father!

You have your daddy, I don't have mine. I lost my dad before I even had him. I wish my daddy was here. I will stay up to make dinner for him, I will tell him every tiny detail about my day. I will also tell him how boys get so naughty this days and seldom respect a lady. I will tell him everything and anything. I will ask for his love over and over again and love him endlessly too. I wish he just stayed a little longer just a little longer. Daddy passed when I was 8. I have lived without his calls, messages, love and life for almost 13 years. If I had my daddy, things will completely different.

I have lost the feeling of having a dad. What does it feel like? How does it feel like? I never said this out loud until now I want a daddy can I get one? All I want is a daddy.

Note from Teame.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Never dying joy

I woke up the best I ever thought I could be today, like a new bride basking in the joy of the previous days' ceremony. I had no thoughts or worries on my mind. The joy kept growing even as I ran the streets of Abuja under the hot scorching sun with sweat running through my half baked skin, I still had the unwavering joy in my heart.

I wonder what makes a lady like me so happy? Then I realise it is not me that makes myself happy but a power greater and better that doesn't look at my present state but puts me in a state I should be.

I am that young girl that is always happy next door. Little wonder why my colleagues would ask 'Rotimi do you ever have a down time?' Well you have your answer here: No.

I am always happy not because I have it all but because in Gods' guided imaginations I have it all. If you can imagine it then you can create that which would guide you and keep you happy. Did I forget to say, being happy should not be a state of your life but it should be your life and its important to rely and trust God for everything for we can do nothing of our own accord.