Thursday, January 28, 2016

The shy boy

The shy boy in my office is charming, respectful and calm. I know he is always happy because of the ever radiating smile on his face.

We got talking a few weeks ago and I felt I had known him forever and I was bonding up in my head and all of that illusion you create out of nothing, but it didn't take long for forever to cease. Alas! He is not a boy yet charming and respectful. He is married with two kids.

That was it. That's all it took to come out of fantasy 101. My take home is this before I start building a glass castle with anyone in my head I will know their marital status, that's all.


Stop hurting us unknowingly joor.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Clumsy thoughts

Today I write with my head full,

Here I am thinking of the many start and stop projects I have. I want to be many things to different people but in the end I can be only one person. So as hard as I try I am just a jack of all trade and master of few, yes I take exception to being master of none. In all of these things there is one thing I never totally stop doing and that is writing. I love what I do. I love writing its an hobby I have developed as a child.

I have this book in the cocoon and trust me work wont let me think and write some more as I would love to but I always try to scribble one or two things in, I love playing and surfing the net. I wish I will get a job that allows me surf the net all day and summarize it in writing and maybe orally too. I love to talk about a lot of things but this guys here are annoying and won't listen to my chitchat I hate to talk to myself, I just want to communicate, is that too much to ask for??? I love snooping too am kinda that CID agent that lives down your street.

I love colors and cloths so the point is I love colorful clothes. I wore my low-cut boldly this week to the office so many folks had mixed feelings but I can't keep hiding my hair in the wig joor. How would it grow? I love change and am spontaneous. I want to go from this place to that place and write everything I see while I have the graphical memory all year long.

I am screaming out loud, I want to move someplace far away I don't like it here no more. Nobody sees my pain they only here me talk and smile, if only someone could look past all of this mask I have on...

And yes it is valentine in a few weeks who would be my val???

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A unique you in an ordinary world

Yes everyone is changing, everyone is grabbing something new and different, we losing our cultural values and morals. We now enjoy the western world and so many of us can't speak our native language. 'I can't either'. Sometime last week I saw this write up on Facebook where it was written modern day slavery and it had a detail of how we now pay for our own slavery and it had this picture of nude black girls working in a white restaurant it was deep. You should see it. I had to take deep breath, it is true we all know this things. It is amazing how we pay so much to get so little. It all goes down to out economic, political instability. I am so sure if my country invests 25 percent of it's natural resources efficiently and effectively we won't be having this great urge to travel to another country and even if we do, it would be for a short term purpose not a forever parole.

I happened to work with my school's international center and I had to pick students from the airport, long story short, I got talking to this 16 year old freshman and I asked out of curiosity "When would you go back home?" and he answered "Never" after he gave me this 'are you serious look?'  I was stunned and I had to control my emotions if a young child of that age has the mentality of never going back home what more of the older youths. It is amazing how we all run from our Father Land because things are not going the way it should or the way we think they should. Fleeing is not the solution. We have the power to change, we are youths, we are young, we are vibrant, we are smart and intelligent, we are Godly, we have what they didn't have at our age. We have technology, we have a choice. Most of them didn't have a choice they were forced to power not knowing fully well the do's and don'ts, the pros and cons, the what, how and when of power but in contrary we do know better. We have improved communication through out modern gadgets,apps and all. Information is now easily accessible anytime and anywhere.

I can type all day and all night but of what use is my typing, speaking. your reading and listening if we don't act. Actions speak louder than words. Do not just act based on what you know but act based on what you know best. 

In a nutshell our world doesn't need a Jack of all trades and master of none. We need a master of one. Do whatever you do well with all dedication and determination and sooner or later your uniqueness would bring you to stardom. No two heads are the same and there is a unique trait in you that no one as. Find it, Grow it. Cultivate it and soon it would yield Profit. I call it the FGCP Theorem. 

Culled from TimiTaiwo's Dairy.