Thursday, January 21, 2016

Clumsy thoughts

Today I write with my head full,

Here I am thinking of the many start and stop projects I have. I want to be many things to different people but in the end I can be only one person. So as hard as I try I am just a jack of all trade and master of few, yes I take exception to being master of none. In all of these things there is one thing I never totally stop doing and that is writing. I love what I do. I love writing its an hobby I have developed as a child.

I have this book in the cocoon and trust me work wont let me think and write some more as I would love to but I always try to scribble one or two things in, I love playing and surfing the net. I wish I will get a job that allows me surf the net all day and summarize it in writing and maybe orally too. I love to talk about a lot of things but this guys here are annoying and won't listen to my chitchat I hate to talk to myself, I just want to communicate, is that too much to ask for??? I love snooping too am kinda that CID agent that lives down your street.

I love colors and cloths so the point is I love colorful clothes. I wore my low-cut boldly this week to the office so many folks had mixed feelings but I can't keep hiding my hair in the wig joor. How would it grow? I love change and am spontaneous. I want to go from this place to that place and write everything I see while I have the graphical memory all year long.

I am screaming out loud, I want to move someplace far away I don't like it here no more. Nobody sees my pain they only here me talk and smile, if only someone could look past all of this mask I have on...

And yes it is valentine in a few weeks who would be my val???

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